Friday, February 10, 2012

Greek problem solved - Yeah Right.

It is announced that the Greek component of the European debt crisis is solved.

Greek politicians have accepted the austerity program, finally.

Well and good but when will the people get to work, pay taxes and participate in all the other financial obligations that are required to bring the basket case out of the "medical center", cured?

Just getting the politicians to see there is a problem aint a cure.

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Andrei said...

Funnily enough Greeks work on average 42.5 hours per week which is one of the highest in the EUSSR.

Trouble is of course the new masters of Greece prescription for solving its problems is seeing more and more Greeks cast out of gainful employment and onto the scrapheap - this being particularly acute the young.

This is also happening in other parts of the EUSSR, Italy, Romania and Ireland all of which Nations have basically lost their sovereignty and now have an entire generation cast adrift with no future.

Big big trouble ahead for all my friend.