Monday, January 23, 2012

Why Craig Foss Is An Excellent Electorate MP

On the 9 January my Aunt and Uncle celebrated their Diamond (60th) Wedding Anniversary and a luncheon was held for family and friends on Saturday the 7 January.

While talking to my cousin (their son) and his wife on Saturday morning it came to light that nothing had been done about getting the usual tributes from the Governor General etc. On an impulse I sent Craig an email with details including my Aunt and Uncles names plus their address and phone number. I followed up by phone to his office just after 9am Monday to find that Craig was unavailable all day and that a form should have been completed earlier - I shot down to his office to collect the form and asked his electorate PA if she could ask Craig to give them a call ifshe was speaking to him. The form was passed on to my cousin who was returning to Whangarei Monday morning.

On Monday evening mrs pdm and I went out for dinner with my Aunt and Uncle. They were thrilled to tell us that they had received a phone call from Craig who was in fact holidaying at Aramoana Beach in Central Hawkes Bay. He must have gone to some effort to make the call as there is no cellphone service within 20ks of Aramoana and I doubt there is a working public phone there.

The form must have worked because on Friday last they received a card from John Key's office.

Well done Craig - you didn't have to go to the trouble you did but your phone call and the card from the PM meant a lot to my 83 and 87 year old Aunt and Uncle.

Now for the Queen to do her bit.


Anonymous said...

What shite. So Foss is going to ring every elderly couple to ensure he remains a an excellent electorate mp?

If Foss wanted to do something truly worthwhile for the elderly he would have crossed the floor over the ets which costs these old folk dearly for power, petrol and groceries.

pdm said...

anon - please use a nickname when you make your inane comments.

Not unexpectedly you completely miss the point of the post.

Anonymous said...

So you will still be pleased when he trys to sell off your port then, along with other goodies for his rich trader mates?

USed to be a trader in Singapore, just like Key, but I guess to you love him too...

Sell it, sell it all!