Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Was it in Fact an Unauthorised Election Advert?

On the Tuesday in the week leading to polling day, TV3 ran an inside NZ Doco on Child Poverty by Bryan Bruce.

Some, self included, considered the very one sided view of the subject as virtually free unauthorised promotion of the NZ Labour Party with many references to the first Labour Government and their Welfare and State Housing policy initiatives.
It included a cheerleader moment from a second rate academic and known Labour supporter on how; the Labour party introduced, grew and maintained the State housing stock while National always ran it down.

The doco included footage of a very dirty damp state house that most housekeepers would have made imminently more comfortable with cleaning, tidying and airing.

I complained to TV3 on the inappropriatness of airing such a biased one sided doco in the leadup to an election pointing out it should have carried an authorisation statement and have been included in the NZLP election expemses.

The eventually rejected my complaint "on the grounds I had not viewed the doco live but had watched it on the net the following day".

I also complained to the Broadcasting standards authority who also rejected my complaint on all grounds.
I am fully aware I am no Cathy Odgers or Cameron Slater so I just accepted the rejection.

This morning the issue is back up as the Board of NZ on Air is wriggling on the timing and balance of a program they funded and are seeking legal clarification .

I am firmly of the opinion it was an unbalanced doco on a very political subject at a very significan time in the leadup to the election by politically motivated activists on the staff of a TV station operator whose political hacks made considerable efforts to influence the poll with the activities of Gower, garner and Co.


Psycho Milt said...

If poverty had suddenly turned up 3 years ago, you could conceivably make a case for a doco about poverty being a political attack on the current govt. But it didn't, so you don't, which is most likely why they rejected your complaint.

Interesting response from the govt and right-wingers in general, though - shoot the messenger.

gravedodger said...

Yeah Milt we on the right of center should just HTFU, roll over and let the committed socialists give or tummys a gentle rub.
It just aint gunna happn.
BTW did you see the promotion of the NZLP, would be interested on your take as I didnt complain on it being an attack on the incumbent government but a blatant promotion of the glorious Labour Party Including MJS, the original, and the Cabinet carrying the furniture into the first state house plus that entirely inaccurate statement from the nutty "professor" that is totally refuted by published facts.
It should have been paid for by the NZLP not NZonAir, and have carried an authorisation statement.

Psycho Milt said...

I didn't see it, but I'd look on any programme highlighting what Savage et al got up to as being more of a savage attack on the current Labour Party than a promotion of it.

The point about shooting the messenger stands, though - are people just meant to quietly ignore this stuff because the current govt of whatever party might be embarrassed by it, or what?

pdm said...

pm - from what I read and hear on the subject the issue is about the timing of the doco not the content.

gravedodger said...

May I suggest Milt you are missing my Point.
In the almost total vacuum that was NZ Labour under Phil Goff, anything that gave a boost to "brand NZLP" was going to appear blatantly political and with the timing that "program" was a pretty reasonable effort.
I wonder if a doco on the 51 waterfront strike/lockout that lauded the strong leadership and response of Holland's Government with no balance or counter argument would have been regarded as a non event by the left.
For me it was about the timing as much as the content and that was the point I attempted to promote in my submissions.

Hollyfield said...

Very interesting that TV3 rejected your complaint because you watched it the next day, not "live". Did the content of the programme somehow change between its screening and the next day when you watched it?

pdm said...

Boy just listening to the guy with Sean Plunket on NewstalkZB, What a rabid lefty who has admitted pushing TV3 to run the programme before the election.

Paulus said...

Not the content, but the biased TV3
time slot.
TV3 performed badly in the last election.