Monday, January 30, 2012

Text Of The Day

From todays Hawkes Bay Today

`People who believe they need to hit/smack their children in order to discipline them and teach them to be responsible citizens need to take parenting classes! Unattributed.

I cannot let this go without comment. Smacking and sometimes the wooden spoon etc certainly did my generation no harm. When I look at the poorly disciplined `smart alec' kids around these days my fingures itch. mrs pdm and I smacked our children on occasions and still have no hesitation in - albeit rarely - delivering a smack to any of our 12 grandchildren.

Smacking remains an essential part of good parenting.


Allan said...

And long may those responsible parents who are trying to teach their children the fact that certain behaviour is not acceptable and has consequences which are not conmfortable continue to discipline in this manner.

Shane Ponting said...

Funny thing is a lot of the anti-smacking crowd haven't raised any children (or have raised complete and utter nutters). If it was parents vs. parents on this issue you could take the other side seriously but it's just a bunch of shills trying to tell all parents what they can and can't do...

Judge Holden said...

Yeah, beating kids is the right way to teach them that violence is wrong. How dare the government say we can't beat our children! What about property rights people! Commies.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Fuck of Judge. Go and troll somewhere else!

Anonymous said...

All the research says that kids need three things:
3)Consequences for crossing those boundaries.

The anti-smacking crowd should spend their energy worrying about why too many kids don't get items 1 & 2 and not what some parents choose for item 3.

Anonymous said...

I live in Stokes Valley and the other evening consequences for lack of 1, 2 & 3 were inflicted on a victim by a "good boy" (aren't they always?). The lack of meaningful consequences for bad behaviour early in life has resulted in a generation of pig ignorant thugs roaming the streets and camping grounds.

Appropriate physical punishment does not teach that violence is OK - its meant to teach "That hurt - I won't do that stupid / dangerous / inconsiderate thing again." It works on most whether it really stings or not - where parents really do care - and the ones it doesn't work on are nutters who get locked up eventually so the problem is reduced.

I note a British Labour MP is now hinting a smack is OK so maybe the liberal lunacy is passing but its too late for many.


Judge Holden said...

"the other evening consequences for lack of 1, 2 & 3 were inflicted on a victim by a "good boy" (aren't they always?)."

You know for a fact this was a result of the person in question not being thrashed repeatedly as a child how now? Thought not.

"It works on most whether it really stings or not - where parents really do care..."

Beatings with love! Oh how sweet!

Anonymous said...

Until you get your head around the fact that beatings and smacks are not the same thing I see no progress.


Judge Holden said...

You don't know the difference chief, so I don't know how you expect a four year old to.