Thursday, January 26, 2012

Text Of The Day

From todays Hawkes Bay Today.

`OMG what are some people in Hawkes Bay on? Animal Cruelty? There is absolutely nothing wrong with the rodeo or horse racing - get over yourselves. I would rather my children do any outside activities than have them inside watching the crap they have on TV or playing violent, explicit, video games. That's the problem with this country. Start focusing on the child abuse thats going on - get your priorities right.' Unattributed.

This text is in response to a number of previous texts and a couple of letters to THe Editor by Animal Rights do gooders who want the fun police to stop rodeos and horse racing.

I think this is an excellent text in all aspects - including grammar, spelling and overall format. Well done that texter.


mojo said...

Indeed, a sufficient text.
Now being an avid reader of said text messages, some time ago (subsequent to a front page article on a pregnant woman being sprayed in Flaxmere and a picture of an airblast sprayer (the offending one?) working) there was a text saying something akin to: 'since the orchard over the road changed their practices all the old people on the road have died.' Do you recollect such, and if so (presumably you are now retired), what did you make of it?

pdm said...

I recall something about the pregnant woman in or near Flaxmere on the front page but not the text about the old people dying.

Until I started blogging and even then only last week when I started the Text of the Day I did not read every text each day like I do now. I assume you live in Hawkes Bay and possibly Hastings or Flaxmere so you will be aware that each text I post comes from that days paper.

More semi retired than retired and looking for at least 25/30 hours a week to keep the mind and body active.

Unlike Adolf I am not into 10k walks a few days a week. lol.