Friday, January 20, 2012

Text Of The Day

Here we are from todays Hawkes Bay Today

`To the lady from Havelock who baked scones and brought them to the scene of the fire in the early hours, thank you. Much appreciated. Cheers. Haumoana Fire Brigade

There is still goodwill and Community Spirit in Hawkes Bay.

The fire in question was only about 1.5k's from my home but the first I heard about it was on the 5am NewstaldZB news Wednesday. The alarm went up at about 7.30pm Tuesday and involved about 90 firemen and women from throughout Hawkes Bay. As far as I am aware they are still on site in case of flare ups.


Anonymous said...

I bet they weren't baked in an approved kitchen. Arrest that woman.

pdm said...

anon - how about a nickname - please.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, its 3:16. Old habits die hard.