Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Text Of The Day

Here we are from todays Hawkes Bay Today:

`Too many MPs. Six good housewives would manage New Zealand Taxpayers money far better!!' BT Napier.

Interestingly this was written by a man as his full name was shown but I just included his initials and could not resist adding the exclamation marks.



gravedodger said...

Six good house wives would beat the beast Klarkula's top six any day, at least they would protect their kids any way.

dad4justice said...

The thought of Klarkula's top six makes me want to kill myself.

Thank God the witch and heather and judith and other nasty dykes have flown broomstick airways well away from good ole kiwiland.

pdm said...

I don't think you could call any of the women in Clarks cabal housewives in the context meant by the texter.

Anonymous said...

The advantage of good housewives centres on their ability to say "no" and mean it. Everybody WINZ.

pdm said...

anon 7.18pm. Nice one.

How about a nickname so I will recognise you next time.

Anonymous said...

@ pdm

That's twice you've asked in the last few days. I'm saying "no" and meaning it.


pdm said...


Anonymous said...

A couple of reasons -

I don't abuse people while hiding behind anon.

I'm of no consequence in the scheme of blog things (or any other things for that matter).

Who is that masked man?

pdm said...

anon - I think you miss my point.

By using a psuedonym/nickname call it what you will you establish a certain credibility in the blogsphere. Whereas by remaining anonymous you open yourself to being just another of the often no hoper trolls that frequent the blogsphere which you obviously are not.

Try it - you might enjoy it and if you don't I will probably keep asking.

WAKE UP said...

Anon, it's much better - and politer - to have a recognisable pseudonym and style, even if you get the occasional biff as a result ! :)