Monday, January 16, 2012

Text Of The Day

I decided this is a better title for this daily effort.

From todays Hawkes Bay Today:

`With the price of milk coming down does that mean ice cream, flat whites etc will all come down in price too.' K.A. Napier.

I have also decided where possible to go with those that have a sign off but I am sure there will be stand out ones without a sign ff from time to time.

There have been number about cures for tinnitus - in my day that was called Athletes Foot.
Ooops - got tinnitus mixed up with Tinea. Tinnitus of course being a condition which affects the ear. Thanks GD for letting me know.


Spam said...

I spoke about price of milk & coffee with my local esquires franchisee, when I was complementing him on a change he made to not charge more for public holidays (they had previously charged a surcharge, and he removed that). He said that they hadn't put their prices up with the price of milk going up, and as I order the same thing every week, I'm pretty damned sure he is correct. So I'm not expecting prices to come down. At least where I get my coffee.

pdm said...

Thanks for the comment spam - its nice to get good feedback.