Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Step Too Far.

It is not that bad, well not quite imo.

I was introduced to Tobacco at the age of 9 by a farm worker.
I was probably addicted by age 16.
My Grandfather who boarded with us smoked, my parents did not.
I gave up at age 37 probably due to the pressure that accompanied my daughters exposure to education at school and brought the info home, plus an awareness that health risks finally overcame my self indulgence. A forty something neighbour having triple bypass was a factor.
Yes I wish I had done that sooner, in fact I now wish I had never started.

When Bars were made smoke free I was happy as I had to avoid most social activities that allowed smoking in enclosed spaces.
I support the workplace bans as people who are required to be in a confined space should not have to endure second hand smoke.
I support the legislative focus that ensures the considerable health costs smoking brings to those who smoke are covered.

But a ban on smoking in the open air is a step too far for me.

I have waited all day for someone in the National government to tell us this over indulgence in banning legal activities is not going to happen, to say something, sadly it appears not to have happened. I guess they will wait for some polling to tell them how to react.

I am offended when the smokers return to the Bar in the pub and cringe when I recall my inflicting that reeking smell on others but it is still a legal if heavily taxed substance.

The addictive aspects are complex and varied, education and the rising cost by way of taxation is the answer, driving it underground wont work, banning is over reacting.

I say again a step too far for me.


dad4justice said...

I'll give up smoking if the government start doing something positive for New Zealand.

Have a fag John Boy. Yeah right wimpster.I grow me own. No tax Mr Greedy Wasted Space Gormint Arseholes~!

Smokes and govt are killers.

Allan said...

I can understand the banning of smoking in Bars, Restaurants etc, however the banning of smoking in public places such as parks, streets, etc is absolutely wrong and an attack on the rights of individuals to make their own life style choices. My answer to this would be for the Govt to only offer paliative medical assistance to those who chose to smoke and subsequently suffered from lung cancer or some other smoking related disease. This would lower any medical costs which are currently contributed to smoking related problems. The choice is then the individuals as there is plenty of information out there showing the detrimental effects of smoking.

gravedodger said...

3 comments have been deleted without trace following the inaccurate comments on deletion policy.
Judge Holden and dad4justice take your crap and bury at your place.

Infantile doesn't describe it.

Anonymous said...

The next question is what happens with dope which is increasingly accepted (if the surveys are correct)?

Anonymous said...

I am a non smoker and hate the smell of it on my partner or whilst I'm eating. Having said that I have enjoyed every smoke I've had. The occasional cigar and maybe 4 cigarettes a year.

However I was against outright banning smoking in bars and restaurants. To me it was a personal choice for the bars, restaurants and their customers.

Banning smoking in the open air is a step way beyond any form of reasonable.


Paulus said...

I do not believe that it is a Government problem, and I do not expect a tweet from them on this.
They are not led by Helen Clark who would comment on everything.
Government's do not smoke, people do (and I did for 25 years)

dad4justice said...

I smoke in the redzone before I go up in man cage.

FFS you wimps make sick.

Harden up people.