Friday, January 27, 2012

Sanity Prevails in Crafar Farm Sales.

Apparently the shennanigans are over.

Minister,Maurice Williamson amd Dr Johnathon Coleman have announced the Government has accepted the OIO recommendation that the sale of the "Crafar Farms" to Shangai Pengxin interests of China be approved.

The Farms that were accumulated by Alan Crafar as a dairy farm conglomerate but fell into mortagage difficulties with Westpac Banking with the farms placed in the hands of Receivers.

A lesser offer, some estimate at 40 million dollars less, from a group headed by Micheal Fay and using Xenophobia and other spurious publicity tactics are branded the failure they always were.


pdm said...

An excellent decision and Blair put it so well in the following comment on my post yesterday.

This is what Blair said:

`There is only one reason this sale should proceed. The reason is that both parties to the sale want it to proceed, and because it is a private transaction it is none of our bloody business.'

End of story.

adamsmith1922 said...

Some relevant facts are here, unlike the faux leftist outrage and MSM stupidity