Saturday, January 28, 2012


Australians have a right to be appalled at the antics of Aboriginal protesters venting their spleen at Prime Minister Gillard and Tony Abbott on Australia Day over the incorrectly reported comments that had Tony Abbott calling for the so called Aboriginal Embassy outside the old Parliament Buildings in Canberra to be shut down.

The mayhem that followed did the Aboriginal cause no good at all and probably set back attempts towards national reconciliation by years.   The graphic pictures of young Aboriginal children spitting on a burning  Australian Flag would serve only to alienate the 98% non indigenous Australian community from attempts to resolve legitimate grievances.   That has been acknowledged by responsible Aboriginal leadership who called for those responsible for the violence to be handed over to them for 'Aboriginal Justice' once they had been dealt with by the Courts.

And now comes the news that one of Gillard's Press Secretaries set the whole thing up by contacting an ALP activist at the 'Embassy' and suggesting that she might want to to have the people there confront Gillard and Abbott at the restaurant where they were honouring Emergency Service workers with medals .    It has just been announced the Press Secretary concerned has resigned.

All this among continued rumblings in the ALP and the media about the likelihood of a imminent leadership 'spill' coupled with the fact that  Labor MP Craig Thomson's past appears to be catching up with him with a rumoured damning report from Fair Work Australia on his stewardship as a Union Official about to be released together with the ongoing police investigation into allegations of credit card fraud by him and the Gillard Government appears close to collapse.

Australia Day, like Waitangi Day, is meant to be a day of celebration.   This one certainly wasn't.

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The Realist said...

It reminds me of Waitangi Day a few years ago when the Queen attended. She was spat at and had a wet towel thrown at her by Maori protesters while her Navy "Guard" of Honour stood there like sacks of potatoes.