Friday, January 20, 2012


John Nance Garner, sometime Vice President of the United States, once described that office as being "not worth a bucket of warm piss".

It looks as though the race for the Republican nomination is now down to Mitt Romney or Newt Gingrich with the latest polls putting Gingrich ahead of Romney in the South Carolina Primary scheduled for this weekend.

The attack ads on each other,whether in person or by proxy, are direct, bitter and personal.   Romney is portrayed as a crony capitalist, liberal, flip-flopper, whilst Gingrich is flayed as a serial adulterer, censured and fined by his colleagues in the House of Representatives for ethical misconduct.

The convention (if there ever was one) promoted by Reagan that 'Republicans do not speak ill of fellow Republicans' has been well and truly broken in Spades.   The Democrats will be loving every minute of this and you can bet the attack lines used by the Republicans will feature in their election advertising.

It may well be that the nominee finds himself inheriting Garner's bucket.


Blair said...

Well neither of them are running for Vice President, so the quote isn't relevant. But the notion that a robust primary campaign hurts the GOP is false. It is far better to have all the dirt out now than it is in an "October surprise". Besides which, the last Democratic primary campaign had the two main contenders attacking each other all the way to June, and the fellow that won it seems to be doing alright for himself.

The Veteran said...

Blair ... well clearly we agree to disagree but that's ok.

But whoever is chosen, Romney or Gingrich, will go into the campaign as 'damaged goods'.

So it's a case of the Republican damaged goods vs the Democrat damaged goods with Obama ahead on points as the incumbent.

Just why Mike Huckabee didn't run beats me. Solid right wing credentials and limited baggage.

It will be fascinating to see if Donald Trump endorses the eventual nominee as someone who can beat Obama or perhaps even runs himself on a 'Third Party' ticket. He has left that door open.

Andrei said...

All I can say is God help the USA and the rest of us for that matter.

Never in my lifetime has there ever been a time when the world leadership consisted of such a bunch of shallow vapid, non entities as we are seeing today.

gravedodger said...

Over 200 million citizens of voting age and the best they come up with, an incumbant with almost zero credibility in matters economic, and hobsons choice for a Republican to challenge him.
One has been ruled as damaged goods by his fellow Senators on ethical grounds, and his ex wife because he allegedly offered "an open marriage" or a divorce.
The other a tax dodging shallow inarticulate Mormon, albeit a very rich one.
If Trump brings his presence sans electoral nous, to bear as an independent he will be endorsing the Afro American with the Irish name.

Would be a worry if the US was the leader of the free world, hang on, praps the head honcho of Greece or North Korea would do it.

Its a funny ole world we live in Master Jack.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

gd, much as I dislike Romney and prefer Gingrich I's have to say there is NO evidence Romney is a tax dodger.

ABC ran a scurrilous hit piece on this subject and insinuated that because Romney had $9 mil lodged in the Cayman Islands he was dodging tax.

Hidden at the end of the piece was the startling admission that Romney paid his full whack of US tax on all his earnings from the Caymans.

Anonymous said...

Tax dodger or not?. Make up your own mind with John McCain's entire 2008 research file on Mitt Romney

Anonymous said...

I agree with Andrei. 300+ million people and these are the best they have? No wonder the empire is collapsing.

Judge Holden said...

"there is NO evidence Romney is a tax dodger."

Well it's hard to know as he's doing his best to keep his records secret. I hope Newt wins. He could pick Herman Cain as his running mate to secure the female vote. What a bunch of losers.

The Veteran said...

... and then Judge perhaps we can look at Obama who has mortgaged America's economic sovereignty to China.

Obama, Romney, Gingrich, losers all.

James said...

And Ron Paul just hovers and smiles....

The Veteran said...

James ... Ron Paul is not a serious contender for the GOP nomination.

He does not have the numbers.

Judge Holden said...

"Obama who has mortgaged America's economic sovereignty to China."

Ah yeah, that was Bush (do keep up). And he ran the US economy off a cliff and started a couple of losing wars (bye bye a trillion dollars and a few hundred thousand lives). Why are Republicans so awful do you think?

The Veteran said...

Judge ... it is quite sad when you 'lefties' start believing in your own rhetoric.

Fact ... When Obama was inaugurated on 20 Jan 2009, according to the Treasury Department, the total national debt stood at $10,626,877,048,913.08 ($10.6268 trillion).

Fact ... As of the close of business on 3 Oct 2011 the total national debt was $14,837,099,271,196.71 ($14.8370 trillion).

It is about to increase further.

What part of losing ones economic sovereignty don't you understand?

Psycho Milt said...

Fact ... When Obama was inaugurated on 20 Jan 2009, according to the Treasury Department, the total national debt stood at $10,626,877,048,913.08 ($10.6268 trillion).

Quite an achievement for Bush, given the economic conditions of his tenure. Few people could have managed it.

I really hope Gingrich gets the nomination - hopefully there are enough clinically insane conservative Christians out there to get him the nod. It'd be the most catastrophic train wreck in human history.

The Veteran said...

PM ... didn't expect you to be that disingenuous with your post.

The $10.6268 trillion dollar debt inherited by Obama was the sum total accumulated by all US administrations from George Washington through to George Bush Jnr.

Debts incurred during the American Revolutionary War and under the Articles of Confederation amounted to $75.463 million on 1 Jan 1791. They have increased just a 'tad' since then.

Correction to my earlier post. According to the US Debt Clock their National Debt stood at $15.258 trillion just a few moments a go.

The renegade 'Irishman' has certainly excelled himself.

Mort said...

yes PM, if Newt gets the nomination and goes on to become POTUS, then there will indeed be a train wreck.
But the same trainwreck is heading Obama's way too if he does sort out the deficit. Slashing the expense of the Military industrial complex will sort out the deficit, and following through with a move like promoting or enforcing LPG/ CNG powered vehicles conversion/ production, to decrease the reliance on OPEC oil, and bring the energy needs back to Nth America, to be fulfilled from domestic sources may correct the trade deficit too.

Mort said...

should be : doesn't sort out the deficit

The Veteran said...

PM ... it's a worry when you are I agree on something but you are spot on with your comment re Gingrich.

Judge Holden said...

"Fact ... As of the close of business on 3 Oct 2011 the total national debt was $14,837,099,271,196.71 ($14.8370 trillion)."

Wow. By insisting on increases in defence spending while cutting taxes for billionaires and Mitt Romney those tea potty Republicans sure are wreaking havoc aren't they? Is it deliberate sabotage or are they just numbskulls do you think?

Blair said...

I think Gingrich will do just fine. He'll get in, get the job done, piss everyone off, and lose to Hillary Clinton in four years time. But that would be much better than eight years of Romney.

The Veteran said...

Judge ... in case you hadn't noticed it's your man in the White House ... duh.

He and no-one else presided over the increase.

Remember HST's desk plate ... 'The Buck Stops Here' ... good Democrat too.

Psycho Milt said...

PM ... didn't expect you to be that disingenuous with your post.

I didn't mean to suggest he was responsible for all of it. According to the Treasury figures, US national debt was $5.6 trillion in Jan 2001 when Bush took office. After years of the best economic conditions possible for paying down debt, he left his successor a national debt of only - er, $10.6 trillion dollars.

So yeah, he was only responsible for around half of all the debt accumulated in US history when he left office, but I still think it's quite a singular achievement given the economic conditions under which he doubled the debt.

Judge Holden said...

Well, the economic conditions were reasonable when W started Milt. By the time he was finished the US economy was basically facing ruin. This was a consequence of appalling economic mismanagement (he doubled the deficit), unfunded wars, fat tax cuts for billionaires and Mitt Romney and allowing a bunch of conmen to steal trillions on unregulated financial markets. And Vet wants to reward this by putting another Republican in charge. Genius.

The Veteran said...

Judge ... please don'r put words in my mouth. See my post of 7.41.

On even better see Andrei 1.33.

If Obama, Gingrich/Romney, represent the best and brightest that the Democrats/Republicans have on offer then I fear the US of A is headed to hell in a breadbasket.