Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A perrennial problem.

With NZ Crickets rather shallow talent pool, that said Zimbabwe has a currently worse one but that will change if stability and prosperity ever comes to that incredibly rich nation resorcewise, officials are again wrestling with a selection conundrum that is deja vu all over again.

Many times in my lifetime as a player albeit very low ranked and since as a tragic, the big question has been; a keeper who is the best available, a keeper who can bat a bit, one who is competent at both or a good batter who can 'take the gloves'.

Now the debate arises again with Reece Young being discarded from the team that knocked off the Ockers much to the chagrin of many Aussies, particularly the senile old William Lawry, and we will have two candidates front up for the NZ eleven against Rhodesia,sorry Zimbabwe, or should that be the Mugabe eleven as England used to be The MCC until test time.

My stance is the very best keeper available and I do not think that is Wattling as he has already made the national team as a batter and has now been given the gloves for this upcoming game.
It is not hard to accept that a missed catch from a batter who goes on to make a ton or worse makes the batting account of a keeper near insolvent.
Of course B J Wattling may be the best 'gloveman' around but I rate The Saffa van Wyk ahead at present.


Anonymous said...

It's batsman, not batter.

"Batter" is a softball / baseball term.

pdm said...

GD - The best keeper is McCullum and he should bat at 6 with Watling and Guptill opening, Williamson 3, Taylor 4, Brownlee 5 and Vettori 7 followed by Bracewell, Southee (who needs discipline) Boult and Martin.

If Mcullum cannot or won't keep he and Brownlee could swap and bring in a keeper to bat at 8 and Boult would be unlucky or is now the time to move Martin out?

What has happened to the guy who kept for CD for most of the 2000's he was a very tidy keeper and a better bat than most. His name escapes me at the moment.

Manufacturing keepers worked with Artie Dick and Ken Wadsworth but they were exceptions and bot were probably worth their place as batsmen in the teams of their time.

gravedodger said...

@ Anon 9 39
And Amy Satterthwaite is a batswoman I suppose.

Just get back on your high horse and bat out.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Batter is stuff you plaster on fish before it is deep fried.

WAKE UP said...

For a minute I thought you were serious, but then I realised you were talking about cricket :)

Has there ever been a sport with less credibility than cricket as it is now?