Friday, January 13, 2012

One Mixed up Little Boy

Newstalk ZB reveals this morning that there are still signs of life in the corpse that is the Parliamentary Labour Party.

Lill Chippie has come out with a rather pathetic attempt to land a punch on the PM.

He has derided John Key's lauding of the recent award to Air New Zealand and gone on to claim the airlines destruction when the Nats sell off another 20% of the shares in the company, 73% of the total are still in Government hands.

No mention of the fact the socialists in their 9 years of opportunity made no move to acquire the outstanding 27%, or comment on how the successful results will accrue from the "Mixed Ownership Model" being promoted as the shareholding model for the Generators when they are sold down to 51%.

We are getting much comment from the socialists as to how the power price hikes under the 'MOM' when the companies are led to a more commercially realistic position will have people sitting huddled in their homes as they cannot afford heating. If the scare tactics have any truth then how come Air NZ is able to offer so many attractive fares on domestic and TransTasman routes.
Hell with a little forward planning swmbo and I can fly CHC to NPR return for around 30% of the full fare.

Hellooo Chippie step out of the Koru Lounge and you might learn something.

Of course I am expecting an unreasonable level of commercial competence from Chippie as he has had a very sheltered life so far, and it shows.

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Paulus said...

Who is the "chippie Hopkins" - you make him to to be a sort of NZ MP ?