Thursday, January 26, 2012

Number of the day


The minimum expected population growth of Auckland over the next 30 years.  


Paulus said...

Plunket and the woman on with him are useless.
They mumble and have no presence.


What has been the population advance over the past 15 years?
I am sure it must be 700,000 as well.
From 800,000 to 1,500,000?

Anonymous said...

My sister and brother in law build houses to sell but say affordable land is running out and the profit margin has declined to bugger all with increasing costs - particularly council imposed ones. It will be an interesting to see how all these people fit in. There's always the problem of infrastructure lagging behind and the old needing replacement. Maybe mega cities are like fake boobs - bigger is initially exiting but eventually they just get in the way.

Blair said...

...and Len Brown wants us all to live like lemmings while he and his privileged Labour Party fat cats bask in the luxury of their Grey Lynn villas.

I bet he would love driving past all the shoebox apartments in his Merc out into the Bombay Hills where acre upon acre of useless grassy fields will await him.