Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Not all Employers are up to Speed with the Human Rights Act.

Well that applys to one Hawkes Bay employer in particular - let me explain.

Late last year ago a friend advised me of a job which was coming up where he worked. On Monday he called and gave me more details, the contact number for the owner and told me that he was expecting my call - this is despite me saying that I had no experience in the trade. He insisted it was a sales position and my lack of industry experience would not be a problem.

Yesterday I made the call and after some telephone tag I caught up with the employer. He confirmed there was a sales position coming up and explained briefly the same requirements that my friend had given me plus that the job included some clambering around on house and commercial building rooves. He also said the ability to sell was the prime requirement with industry experience close behind.

He then asked my age which is 65 (rising 66 fast) and immediately said that he was looking for someone younger and he did not think someone of my age would be able to handle the physical side of the work. Now in my case he was dead right - I had already worked that out and was going to back out, as there was no way I was going to be climbing on rooves no matter how infrequent it might be. However I know a few 70plus aged men who would have no problem whatsoever.

The crux though is he should not have told me I was too old for the job and I suspect I could contact the Human Rights Commissioner. I won't be though because he was right and I agree with him - I am too bloody old for that job - in fact if I was half my present age I wouldn't want the job. When next I see my mate I will tell him to just mention to his boss that he should watch how he tells people that they are not suitable for any jobs he has.


Anonymous said...


lol my old grandad died when he was 89. He was fit as a fiddle until he fell off a ladder after finishing painting his roof when he was 88.


pdm said...

Jimmie - I remember waking up slightly hung over one Sunday to hammering on our next door neighbours roof. She was about 85, less than 5' tall and weighed in at around 7 stone I would think. There she was nailing down some roofing iron which had lifted a bit.

As tough as they come she was.

BTW as the job area included Wairoa to Waipukurau and the ranges to the coast a cherry picker may not have been cost effective - but a good idea that I never thought of.

ZenTiger said...

Are old people human? That's going to slow down the Euthanasia lobby a little.