Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Michie And Sankey

Now it's revivalist meetings for unionists.

In a sure sign that they are dead and buried but no-one has yet told them, one of the fire and brimstoners over at The Standard is calling on unionists to 'bring their families' into the union movement.

"......over the next 6 weeks is to encourage 1000 union members to bring their family into the union family for just $1 a week. That’s 1000 people who are already members of a union affiliated to the CTU to sign up their own family and whanau members to Together, the ‘mini union’ that offers professonal and personal employment advice and job security to non union workers for $1 a week....."

'Tis truly a miracle. They offer 'job security' where there has been no such thing for at least thirty years. By God, that will get them rolling in bashing their symbols and shaking their tangerines.

One wonders:-

  • what hymns these religious zealots will sing?
  • what lessons will be taught to the toddlers at Friday School?
  • what selected readings from Marx and Alinsky will be dissected at 'Bible Class'?
  • how often will they pass the plate around before it is filled to over flowing??
  • when they will seek professional help with 'spell check?

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