Friday, January 27, 2012

Labour - When Will They Ever Learn?

David `Casper' Shearer appears to have had no initial impact at the Labour Caucus Retreat over the last few days as it looks like Mallard and his failed ways have continued to prevail in the way Labour will progress through 2012 and beyond.

This is evidenced by this post of Deputy Leader Grant Robertson's over at Red Alert:

There are not many comments so far but most of them are giving Grant a well deserved pasting. They just will not learn.

BTW why David `Casper' Shearer? Simple really. Since he has taken over as leader he has been invisible. Just like Casper, The Friendly Ghost.


Anonymous said...

I was thinking that pending the display of any actual leadership ability, it should be David 'sheep' Shearer.

pdm said...

I see adm over at the enquiring mind is calling him Casper so I might have beaten you to it JS.

As you say though he so far looks more like a follower than a leader.

Judge Holden said...

Christ almighty this blog has jumped the shark. At least Fairy was entertaining because he was so retarded. You're just really, skull crushingly dull. Pull the plug ladies, seriously.

Anonymous said...

"Christ almighty this blog has jumped the shark."

Well, why don't you fuck the hell off then, you impertinent little cunt ?!

pdm said...

anon - my thoughts exactly. Any chance you might use a nickname next time?

Judge Holden said...

"Well, why don't you fuck the hell off then, you impertinent little cunt ?!"

ROFL. Right wingers are such angry people.

Lou Taylor said...

Hey Judge
If you're such a clever prick why don't you start your own blog.
You can call it
"Hold'n onto it"

Anonymous said...

The answer is simple.

It would have a readership of one.


pdm said...

judge - let this be a warning to you - the only one you will get from me.

You have had a few sensible comments on some of my earlier posts and I enjoyed your involvement.

However your contributions to this thread are not acceptable and henceforth they will be deleted and I will ban you. The only reason I am leaving them up is because the thread is a few days old now.

Toe the line like everyone else and you are welcome - resort to personal abuse and foul language and you are gone.