Saturday, January 21, 2012

Kim Dotcom - spot the word "piracy"

I'm a little suspicious of the Kim Dotcom case.  A really bad photocopier shouldn't deserve that much attention.

But he's a pirate, I hear.  An internet pirate.  He steals other's property!


But I went and had a look at the indictment that Inventory provided via TV3 to see how many times he or his co-offenders are accused of "piracy".   

Go and perform a "find" on the document for the word "piracy", and then see whether the US Government has indicted Kim or his mates on piracy charges.  

Or whether he's just a really bad photocopier.


Judge Holden said...

This is staggering analysis my man!! You're really on to something here.... Oh wait, the charges are racketeering and copyright infringement. Why would the word "piracy" be mentioned in the indictment? It's slang.

I'm just askin' and all, and mean no offence, but are you frickin' retarded?

Nick K said...

Yes, I'm retarded.

He's been arrested using helicopters, dozens of police officers, FBI agents and god knows what else for being a really bad photocopier. That's what I thought.

Judge Holden said...

A really bad photocopier like an old Xerox you mean? In the same way that you're a really bad computerer? Unfortunately, that's not illegal.

Nick K said...

No, and neither is being a smart-arse anonymous, idiot commenter on the internet.

Mark said...

Money laundering is a complex business, and I can tell you that this guy has been using documents for pecuniary advantage. No one in our Bank has been able to comment as it is sub-judice.

As Holden alludes - man you folk are uneducated and stupid.

Nick K said...

Silly me, I'd forget you knew it all Mark.

I can accept money laundering is serious stuff, if a crime has been proved. I don't understand why breach of copyright is such a major criminal offence in the USA, when in 'lil 'ole NZ you just sue under the Copyright Act.

Most of the lefties who visit this site, Judge included, despise the USA and our relationship with it. I'm very glad to see you've changed your tune.

pdm said...

Mark - are you Mark Dowland?

Judge Holden said...

What makes you think I despise the US? It's pretty awesome. If anything, given the vitriolic and extreme hatred for its democratically elected leader expressed here pretty much daily (has Adolf been carted off for treatment BTW?), it's you guys who hate the place.

Anonymous said...

Well this thread went to the dogs straight out of the gate.

No messing about, that's for sure when Herr Holden's at his keyboard.