Saturday, January 21, 2012

Is SkyCity Chow Mein?

From Granny this morning (and referred to in the post below):

SkyCity Entertainment Group is cold-shouldering a 15-level brothel planned to rise opposite its popular SkyTower.

Peter Treacy, general counsel, expressed strong reservations about the country's first high-rise bordello going up on SkyCity's doorstep, near the entrance to its four and five-star hotels in the heart of Auckland's CBD.

Treacy is worried about what visitors might think of the Chow brothers' new building at 75 Victoria St West.

"We think it's less than ideal having the likes of foreigners and children who are visiting the SkyTower facing that. There's a lot of tourists and diverse people and it's not ideal to have that opposite New Zealand's top tourist destination. Over the last 12 months, over 600,000 people have visited the Tower," he said.
Then there's this from the same paper:

SkyCity's plan for a $350 million national convention centre in Auckland remains uncertain despite initial government approval six months ago, and negotiations are shrouded in "commercial sensitivity".
Treacy appears to object to the exterior aesthetics.  I presume if they're changed to fit in with "quality urban design" he'll have no problem?

Auckland - a city of can'ts.

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Anonymous said...

Understand that there are 14 licensed Brothels within 500 metres of Sky City.
Will Auckland ever grow up to be a real city.
Not at present rate of total negativism to anything.