Saturday, January 21, 2012

How Does That Sit With the 99%?

The Butt from the Hutt has sold 81 sq cm of her bum surface for nearly $154 a sq cm that allows the successful bidder to have a tattoo of their choice applied.

And thats just for the crackling. Tina retains ownership of the chassis, not sure who controls access.

Purchaser is a chain of adult entertainment purveyors who are about to Branch out in the Capital.
No word of the underbidder or their motives, would Trev The muss, the brains of Labours election strategy, have any local knowledge.

To be fair Tina has pledged to give $2500 that she says is beyond her immediate needs, to Charity.

Sets a benchmark in assessing net worth maybe.

1 comment:

Tinman said...

Rented is a far better description.

Can't figure your distress, the "lady" is willing, the buyer willing. No one else is involved.

Unless of course your concern is why this crap has made headline news - the I'm with you.