Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Governance in the "garden city"

With the successful reorganisation of our regional council under the commissioners, calls from Tim Carter and long serving Councillor Sue Wells for similar response from central government under the Local bodies act for the damaged City.

So much of the administration devolved to CERA on matters from the quake, the council and the Mayor are struggling to cope with the remnant governance issues.

Commissioners with no thought of political positioning and parochialism could make the decisions that the council is struggling with in a more timely and effective manner.
John 'Hone' Carter and Rodney Hide come to mind as Candidates.
At the same time the local body Minister has a one off opportunity to revamp local body governance under a unitary authority as Ecan and the City along with Selwyn and Waimakariri district councils come to terms with the fallout from the 18 months of ongoing seismic events.

Councillor Wells is a voice of reason here and deserves to be listened to.

My only reservation is we no longer have Rodney to do the bis, we have the perennial lightweight from Nelson.


Tinman said...

Two trouble making communists and a sheila who's main claim to fame is getting traffic moving past her residence slowed down are upset they didn't get their way so a commissioner should be called in to negate the democratically elected council?

Yeah right!

Anonymous said...

You are a Banks Peninsula resident.

Is Flowershow Bobs stint as Mayor of the Banks Peninsula District Council fondly remembered by the locals?

Or were they so shocked by the chaos that surrounded him that they were relieved to become part of Christchurch City.

Anonymous said...

Who needs democracy when there are trains that need to be on time?

gravedodger said...

@ Anon 11 18, if you wish to have a discussion then get an ID, there are too many in your family and it will just get more confusing.
You will note the next comment is under the same name.

Paulus said...

Lianne will sort ita all out soon.

Anonymous said...

Edumacating the proto-fascist National party chums:
- Christchurch has a city council
- the mayor and councilors are democratically elected - so they can represent (and be held accountable by) the public
- Is there a majority on CCC? Yes, a National-aligned majority
- So, can decisions be taken by CCC? Yes, and those will reflect National party type views. Fair enough, that's democracy.
- So, do 1 or 2 dissenting councilors speaking out on their constituent's concerns stop those majority decisions being implemented? No. So what's the fuss?
- the 'CEO' or city manager, Tony Maryatt, is there to *implement* the decisions of the councilors (not to do whatever he feels like, hmmm?)
- Are Maryatt or Parker incapable of implementing the majority council decisions if anyone criticises them? If so, sack *them* for incompetence. If not , then there is no problem.

Sigh, it's sad to see how little National party folks value democracy. Our grandparents fought for it, don't ya know?

Mad Marxist.
P.S. You don't hear left-wing Auckland councilor Cathy Casey calling for the (vocal) minority of National-Act councilors (Chris Fletcher, Cam Brewer, George Woods, etc) to be sacked, do you? Maybe the left respect democracy and don't demand fawning sycophancy like Sideshow Bob Parker.

Anonymous said...

Yet another example of the unholy mess that goes by the name of "local government" in NZ.