Friday, January 27, 2012

Crafar Farms Sale, Suplementary.

Many of the ill-informed have been very vocal and the total hypocrisy of much of that is so predictable if totally stupid.

Farrar at kiwiblog has a graphic up that puts the Crafar land as a small circle against the Melbourne Cricket ground oval representing the total land sold to overseas buyers in the 9 years of the last Labour administration that included many of those who are now seeing a problem with Shangai Pengxin's purchase.

Micheal Fay and Mr Jan Trotman are singing from the same song sheat????????

Mr Shearer has taken up the call of New Zealand for New Zealanders.!!!!!!!!!!

I wonder what they would all have to say if the ministers had "directed" the OIO to reject the bid in favour of Mr Fays bunch of opportunists and the government had then made good the shortfall to the receivers.

Many of the socialists are decrying the cost of land to young farmers as they attempt to mount the apparently impossible mountain of farm ownership. Helen Clark paid an over the top price for St James Station near Hanmer Springs, that had a greater upward impact on farm prices, because she liked the place and could indulge her megalomaniac desires via DOC expansionism.

How quickly the financially illiterate forget the major impediment the Government veto of Auckland Air Port Shares to the Canadian Pension Scheme, had on investor confidence.

Governments formulate policy and if they can, enact Legislation to bring it to fruition, then they should stay the hell out of the commercial decisions that follow.


will said...

It's a bit rich Labour is bleating about the costs to young farmers; look at the tsunami of tax they are planning to heap on us!

adamsmith1922 said...

the bigots are out in force, led by Peters and egged on by the tax exile Fay for his opportunistic ends, all stireed up by low quality media and pig ignorant talkback hosts

Anonymous said...

Chancers and wide-boys exist in every country and NZ has its share.

Fay & co are just trying to replicate their BNZ bonanza days. There is no guarantee they wouldn't do a deal with Chinese milk product processors if they had gained the Crafar spread. Lower costs more profit...less operating hassles. You have to remember they're ticket clippers not cow cockies. They act in the short term and in their own interests, as will the Chinese.

NZ has had a number of competitive advantages that have been handed over on a plate to outside interests. The idiots who sold kiwifruit rootstock to California spring to mind, also the chancers that tried to sell the only genetically disease free salmon eggs in the world to Chilean fish farms; proprietory NZ apple varieties that were found in a Chinese agricultural delegation's luggage at the airport and the Labour government refused to prosecute them... the list goes on,
And will most likely continue.