Friday, January 20, 2012

A Big Tick For Telecom.

Following a 'Safari' through Sth Canterbury and the Mckenzie Country in November I posted on difficulties with connecting to the Net with a Telecom TStick at many of the stopover points.
In the comments on that post I was offered advice on things I could do including from Homepaddock and others to try upgrading my simcard.

A person who works in Telecom in sales and marketing contacted me through the gmail address in my profile with further assistance including that simcard suggestion. Obviously a very well read person in the organisation who has the added talent of reading this blog.

With quite a bit of pressure following extended absences from paradise, I didn't follow up on the advice until we were in Hawkes Bay over the Holidays and went into the Telecom outlet in Market Street Hastings where Manager Trevor and his staff were absolutely first class.
The Simcard was upgraded at no cost and swmbo and self were so impressed we took the opportunity to upgrade our cdma phones there and then.

My contact at Telecom informs me that that Hastings outlet is owner operated as opposed to a managed Corporate outlet and that explains the total difference we in the more technically challenged and more mature demographic found in our dealings with problem resolution on previous occasions at various outlets.

During my search for solutions I visited outlets of other communication companies where disinterest and a reluctance to assist an older person was pretty much endemic among the young whose familiarity and expertise in operating the gizmos is clear, however empathy and an ability to understand and solve problems for the more technology challenged customer is not so evident.

So big wraps to The Market St Telecom store in Hastings and to the person who not only has the good taste to read No Minister but took the time to help out a pensioner.

Well done Telecom and thankyou.


pdm said...


gravedodger said...

Patience is a virtue pdm, didn't realise a premature ejaculation had occurred. A little dog under house arrest had gone off with a short rope attached to collar so interruptus happened, sorry about that.
All's well now.

Anonymous said...

Your heading is wrong in my view. What made the difference was the individuals in Hastings and, as you say, they are not "Telecom" despite the commercial relationship.

pdm said...

gd - I was just being a smart arse - and assume you got the dog back safe and sound.

I have a need of telecom in the near future so will drop into Market Streetb when I get round to doing it.

Strange that the people in other outlets were disinterested - after all most of their income would probably be commission based so no sale no pay.

Johnboy said...

I've noticed a similar reluctance in DSE stores. If your old and grey they seem to regard you as not worth serving.

Bloody silly really as you can probably afford to buy and sell all the little shavers in the whole store several times over.

Nice after they finally come over to serve you and you tell them they haven't got anything expensive enough to take your fancy!