Sunday, January 22, 2012

Auckland - a city of cant's, ctd

From today's Socialist Star Times:
Long-dubbed None Tree Hill, Auckland's iconic One Tree Hill could soon boast nine as a final Treaty of Waitangi settlement grows closer.

Auckland iwi and the government hope six pohutukawa and three totara will soon grace the peak that has been treeless since the badly-damaged 125-year-old Monterey pine was removed in 2000 after a chainsaw attack a few years earlier by Maori activist Mike Smith. 

Ngati Whatua have not wanted the trees planted until a Treaty settlement was signed. A preliminary settlement between iwi and the government over Auckland's historic volcanoes was signed in November – drawing a final settlement closer.
 Auckland - 12yrs later, and still we can't plant a tree on an iconic hill. 

Auckland is a city of can'ts.


gravedodger said...

"Activist" implies a degree of status.

Smith was a "Vandal", Polishing Turds anyone

Anonymous said...

Some activist, not a bushman's bum.
He got his saw stuck falling a tree that had a lean on it already.

I know West Coast teenagers that would have had that stick on the ground and biscuited up in firewood rounds by the time the cops arrived.


MikeG said...

Ironically, the image that Nick K has used on this post is about eliminating the negatives and thinking positively. So how about for starters:
We CAN live in a city that respects our different heritages.

Quiet and Desperate said...

My family used to enjoy setting off our fireworks on St Heliers Beach each Guy Fawkes night. We were firing off sand out over water - how safe was that. Then you could watch every other family's fireworks and the Auckland City Council's display down the harbour, if they had one.

One year, the lowlife went on the rampage at Mission Bay and the Police went wittering on instead of doing their job of putting on enough men/women and arresting the little bastards as they fled back west and south in their boy racers . Result, the Auckland CC banned all fireworks from the eastern beaches.

So, now we let off our fireworks in the front yard at our home, firing up and over the suburb - how safe is that? Auckland - city of can'ts

Anonymous said...

MikeG which heritage are you referring to the fake one after 1975 or the real one?

Judge Holden said...

"So, now we let off our fireworks in the front yard at our home, firing up and over the suburb - how safe is that? Auckland - city of can'ts..."

But you can let your little fireworks off in your backyard. You just said so.

On the wider point I agree. I can't even build a nuclear reactor in my back yard, shoot up on Queen Street or take my glock to the supermarket! What ever happened to property rights? Auckland - city of can'ts...

Nick K said...

Judge, your analogy between planting a tree and building a nuclear reactor has escaped me. Ditto with taking heroin on Queen Street.

But hey, each to their own!

Mike - I have no issue with respecting cultures. My culture is based on planting a tree on a public reserve to replace one that was hacked down by an angry nutter, and immediately. Why can't someone respect that?

Judge Holden said...

I wasn't making an analogy Einstein, I was applying the reductio test to your excuse for an argument (which wasn't an argument so much as an infantile slogan). That I have to explain that to you at all is an indictment of your cognitive ability.

Shane Ponting said...

I like Judge's idea of taking the glock to the supermarket. Who needs bling when you can carry.....

I think I'll take the Glock-18 next time I need supplies.

dad4justice said...

Shane, you can always say the silly judge said you can.

Nick K said...

Judge, it is you who reduces arguments to absurdity. The lone tree was chopped down 12 years ago, and counting. Dipstick politicians can't even get a replacement up there - and I'm not just referring to the current council: see

If you think that a political system that permits more than 12 years to plant a tree on a hill is adequate, then that says more about you than me.