Monday, January 23, 2012

About time.

Am I alone in musing on the total irony in a group of layabouts claiming to protest the "Corporate Greed" of Big Business while their conversion of public space in an equally greedy act that denies the benefit of that space to others wishing to "hire" said space or just enjoy it however briefly.

Jus wundrin.


reports John Minto that bailiwalk of the left calling the suggestion that the Auckland CC's claim the protesters were denying other legitimate use of the public space, Bullshit, Cams reply; tell it to your megaphone John.
Sums it up really

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Anonymous said...

Corporate greed of big business??
Never a fleeting thought for all the Joe Bloes out there that see 50% of their pay packets extracted before they get to see it - & it goes to fund the lifelong idleness of the likes of Minto, a man with plenty of time on his hands hanging around waiting for an issue he can jump on the coat tails of & spout his marxist nonsense to a whole bunch of new losers. Why doesn't he revoke his NZ citizenship & take up residence in North Korea if the system is so great? More than happy to enjoy the wonders of capitalism without contributing a red (yes red) cent. Oxygen thief of the highest order.