Monday, December 12, 2011

What are they talking about?

John Key has called for a recount of the Waitakare count.
Others have called for a a judicial recount, do they mean an Electoral Petition.
Is the recount Key called for a Judicial one or do the Commission do it.

Lord Burns wants a Judicial recount for CHCH Central.

Can someone enlighten me please?


macdoctor said...

This might be helpful, GB,

The Veteran said...

GD ... I think you will find they mean a recount to be conducted by a District Court Judge.

The application must be lodged by the candidate (in this case Burns and Bennett) by 5.00 pm on Wednesday and costs the applicant $1k (GST incl).

gravedodger said...

Thanks for that I was confused between Judicial recount and Electoral Petition.

Was in the Wairarapa when Wyat's team took Boorman out with a petition and was a mate of the Late Peter Gillkison who was heavily involved in the legals.