Monday, December 19, 2011

Shearers "Dream Team"

David Shearer has announced his shadow Cabinet and it is quite NEW.

1 David Shearer
2 Grant Robertson, environment Tertiary education
3 David Parker, Finance
4 Jacinta Adern, Social Policy.
5 David Cunliffe economic development.
6 Clayton Cosgrove, SOES Commerce small business assoc Finance.
7 Shane Jones, regional development, fisheries and assoc maori affairs.
8 Nania Mahuta, Education.
9 Maryanne Street is 1st on second row.

Shearer is faced with two less front bench places due to shrinkage, Health is still a mystery, Goff Foreign Affairs and King are down to 16 and 17, Mallard must be the numbers man as he holds shadow leader of the house at 12.
Moroney, Dyson, Horomia (Maori affairs) and Mackey seen to be dropped. almost out the back door.

Interesting matchups;
Parker vs English.
Adern vs Bennett.
Mahuta vs Parata.
Cosgrove vs Ryall Partial share sales
Cosgrove described by his leader as the attack Bulldog, Pug may be a better fit

Adern is the number one shielagh with only two on the front bench.
Dalziel around 15 ChCh EQ
Evidence aplenty that all is not well in the changing shed, then again options were somewhat fraught.


WAKE UP said...

"Shearer's deputy is Grant Robertson '...a former political adviser to Helen Clark (and a) political insider and strategist', who has on his desk '...a photo of him and Alf Kaiwai, his partner of 12 years'. (quotes from NZ Herald 15/12/11).
Unless Alf is a girl, all I can say is: so much for "change".

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah. Robertson is so fruity he could guess the flavour of a popsicle just by sitting on it.