Thursday, December 15, 2011


I rarely go to Idiot Savant's blog because the coward does not permit comments. However, something caught my eye in our blogroll and I strolled over for a look.

What I found was a very well written and persuasive argument IN FAVOUR of retaining dual candidacies under MMP. That is, to allow a defeated electorate candidate to slide into the House via the list.

This is the first decent argument in favour, I have seen so far.

Maybe I/S is right. Perhaps it is a mistake to focus on the short term and the examples of dross sitting in opposition today after being heavily defeated in their respective electorates. After all, the real loser in this case is the very party which stacked its list with time servers and drones. They will continue to pay a heavy electoral price for this folly in 2014 because they have no talent in the house - their brightest and best having been consigned to the scrap heap in favor of aforesaid drones.

Maybe the problem is not with MMP but rather with Helen Clark's version of Labour.

I'm more concerned that list MP's can threaten to resign from the party and go independent. (I think, or do I have this wrong?) If a list MP chooses to resign from his party or is expelled, then that should be that. He should be out of parliament and the next person on the list should be in.


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Is that cocksucker STILL lounging around at Massey ?