Thursday, December 8, 2011

Perhaps A Look In The Mirror?

100 biological and conservation scientists have called on Minister Kate Wilkinson and DOC Director Al morrison not to make funding cuts that will consign species teetering on the edge, to final extinction. I do not think many would argue with that sentiment

Perhaps though, they should be calling for a bit of economic reality in what the Dept does with its money.

Recently a Penguin of a species nowhere near extinction was found on a Kapiti Coast Beach, near death.

It could have been killed for around one dollar max. Sorry make that euthanased or put down.

We have never been told how much DOC and other Govt Depts spent to save that bird in the illfated "saving exercise".

At least two 'operations' were performed to remove sand from it's digestive tract.
There was a cost of food and lodging for some weeks.
A radio tracking device was attatched.
The bird was then transported to the southern Ocean and dumped in the open sea.

The Farmer in me questions all that effort.
Why did the bird end up so far from its home environment, perhaps nature had already made a decision.
Apart from the entire "Happy Feet" feel good media extravaganza and a surge in Wellington Zoo income during the pre-release date, what was achieved other than a home delivery for a natural predator.
Why was the bird not delivered to a Sub Antarctic Island so it could make it's return to the wild in an orderly manner perhaps with a cut lunch as a small start, rather than the changed at the last minute dumping, miles from land in rough seas.
Conditions somewhat different to the conditions the bird had enjoyed for the weeks in care but very similar to those that delivered it to the N I beach in the first place.

That same farmer mentality accepts that when confronted with a sick Calf, Lamb, kid or a parent of same, the treatment required will be delivered within the economic parameters in place and very much affected by the time and effort available to contribute. Sadly to often that resulted in a swift smack on the noggin or a bullet to the brain, particularly at times of severe event management such as a storm or very high workload. Always that often quick decision was arrived at following a quick review of the cost of treatment balanced against the benefit of a possible successful response by a vet or intensive care from the carer.

I saw little evidence of that balanced assessment in the treatment afforded to "Happy feet" before his fast food delivery exercise, it all appeared no holding back and bugger the cost to me.

Please do not get me started on the exponential costs DOC is incurring as it struggles to cope with basic maintenance of it's rapidly expanding estate as Tenure Review removes the husbandry of that land from the traditional custodians of large tracts of our High Country.
That as they say is another story.


Doug said...

I would like to know how many millions have been spent on so called rare Snails, only to be frozen to death.

Anonymous said...

All this fuss over animals from those who think abortion of a human doesn't warrant a second thought.

Tinman said...

What I know about the "Happy Feet" thing is that I read about it on newspaper and magazine sites from all over the world.

As normally I read sports pages this meant it was headlined on these sites.

Not very often nowadays a positive story about NZ emerges overseas, more often it's yet another disaster, yet another tourist robbed or killed or some halfwit communist nutter slagging the country off.

I don't know what the cost of the penguin recovery was but I'd say the positive publicity for NZ was damned well worth it.

gravedodger said...

@ Tinman agree with your comment.
A rather unintended outcome however.
Much more useful contribution than the anon troll above.

Psycho Milt said...

There's no point in them talking to Kate Wilkinson, she's only there to make the cabinet's gender imbalance look slightly less awful than it actually is. They really need to talk to English and Brownlee, not that it would do them any good.

Anonymous said...

"...some halfwit communist nutter slagging the country off."

I wouldn't call you guys Communists. Nutters yes, halfwits, certainly, but you're probably too dopey to get to grips with Marxism.