Thursday, December 22, 2011

Our Famiy law and government child protection solutions are a Disaster.

Lindsay Mitchell has a good overview of the "Train-smash" that is the outcome of the first 9 years of the life of baby 'm' with a link to the "Smith Report".

There were apparently 4 years of the early life of "baby M" when she was in foster care that the child was in a state approaching normality, then the all too familiar unfolding disasters are revealed when the train actually hits something solid, in this case the imprisonment of baby m's mother for five years without parole.

As is always the case Lindsay says it all, so go and have a squiz.

My contribution follows the problem that legislation such as the Privacy Act, OIA, Race relations Legislation and simple information sharing between most if not all the alleged 25 entities that allowed this train-wreck to happen.

It is just too easy for people, later exposed to have failed by actions or omisions, to shelter behind misuse of statutes when in fact they just failed to do a job they are well paid to do.

As Smith pointed out this morning, four little souls have died in the "Care" of family since he wrote his report.

Just referring to the mother's (term used advisedly) current squeeze as a freekin "care giver" is symptomatic of how out of control the train still actually is.


Anonymous said...

25 government resource sinks!?!

No wonder this country is failing when some of us are forced to pay for this crap and these people who breed.

dad4justice said...

Family Court and CYFS must be destroyed,save our children get the gravy train callous money creeps out of picture NOW!

NZ kids deserve fucking better you wacko nutbars!