Sunday, December 18, 2011



Anonymous said...

resest1. Dame Whina Cooper
2. Any country sports field/show ground.
3.Kawarau river.
4. Have you got shares in an optometrist's business? Even with my glasses on I can't see enough detail. But I'll hazard a guess for Lake Wanaka.
5. Central Otago, either near Middlemarch or the Nevis Valley.

Anonymous said...

In case you're wondering "resest" before 1. was the word verification in the wrong place.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

1 Dame Whina Cooper

2 A public execution at Waimate

3 The Picollo Canyon

4 Lake Rotoma

5 Film set for a peanut butter commercial

pdm said...

1. Dame Whina Cooper
2. McAlpine Stadium - Timaru
3. Manawatu Gorge
4. Kinloch - Lake Taupo
5. Jurassic Park

Anonymous said...

1 Whina Cooper
2 Te Kuiti rugby ground.
3 Manawatu Gorge
4 One of the Nelson Lakes
5 Maniatoto...Styx, Poolburn, or Patearoa.


Simon Arnold said...

Apart from Whina Cooper and Manawatu Gorge, I'd add Mangatainoka Rugby Ground and Castle Hill, but number 4 my eyesight alone prevents me guessing.

Ray said...

1. Only one I know for sure Dame Whina Cooper
2. Definitly not the Waimate A&P, we organise executions much more discretely My guess is Te Kuiti but my wife who spent time there disagrees, up North
3. Manawatu Gorge
4. Agree with Ele as she is younger with better eyes and sometimes lives there, Wanaka
5 Looks limestone country unlikely to be North Otago with standing water hmm Takaha Hill

PM of NZ said...

1. Whina Cooper - where NZ went off the rails in the 70s pandering to natives.

2. Mangatainoka paddock near Tui HQ

3. Manawatu Gorge looking East



Chris Bird said...

1 Dame Whina Cooper
2 mangatinoka
3 Manawatu Gorge
4 Like others my eyesight is not that good either. I am short sighted and for small stuff I take my glasses off but I still cant work it out.
5 In Central Otago, perhaps on the Otago Central Rail Trail