Friday, December 23, 2011

Joe Bennett, right or wrong?

Joe Bennett is a columnist, for the Christchurch Press, sometime School english teacher, born in UK,, a bit different, a dog lover and now standing pretty much alone as he attempts to thwart bureaucracy as the Gestapo make moves to force him to vacate his Red Zoned Lyttleton house.

Joe's home is deemed to be in danger of being demolished by falling rocks that 'could' be dislodged by an earthquake.

Now other homes have suffered that very fate but Joe's has survived the three major seismic events (he is virtually on the Epicenter of a couple of them) and all the associated aftershocks and in spite of the promulgated theory that they have formed part of a one in one thousand year event the drips under pressure have ordered Joe to leave and he doesn't want to.
Joe is an intelligent man and after assessing the danger has made an informed decision to stay.

Now should Joe be a very stupid lover of the out doors, go into the mountains in the face of a deteriorating weather forcast, there is absolutely nothing to prevent him doing just that and when it all turns to sh*t, SAR will go into the mountains at considerable risk to themselves to find and rescue him.
However should he consult widely and in the face of what he knows and learns make an informed decision to stay in his house, then the unelected, self opinionated, shiney arsed, erring on the ridiculous side of avoiding a possible danger have made a ruling.

There has been a bit of over re-action going around lately, sort of shutting stable doors after horse departing.
In Akaroa we have seen the closing of the Gaeity Theatre, The Hospital and lastly the old Post Office that now also houses the Council community contact center and the Local information center. The old PO also serves as the CD HQ and is usually evacuated before the CD is up and running in two of the quakes but no one among the drips under pressure has thought to relocate it yet.
In the case of the Hospital the decision was made on a Monday and they were given until the following Friday to vacate. The cynic in me wonders if it was that bad why was there no danger of a calamity during the 5 days grace to vacate, why not all out now.

Go Joe, dont always agree with you, sometimes wonder why anyone would want to live in Lyttleton but it is your bloody right to stay.
Dont let the bastards get you.
The soft cocks cant get a tent city to move out of Hagley Park so don't worry.


Anonymous said...

The council don't really care about Joe but do care about being blamed when do gooders expect the govt to do stuff and keep us all safe all the time. Small govt wouldn't be able to find time to make themselves look useful and annoy all thinking people with such bollocks.

pdm said...

The council should get him to some sort of disclaimer absolving them of any liability.

It then becomes an issue between Joe and his insurance company - if he has insurance cover of course. It is likely his property is uninsurable due to it's location.

Psycho Milt said...

Yep - one entirely foreseeable outcome of dumbasses complaining to the media that the relevant bureaucracy didn't take all possible steps to protect them from all possible harm, is bureaucrats minimising the risk of future complaints.

gravedodger said...

Milt if you are aware of Joe or myself suggesting that the bureaucracy failed either of us I would be interested in a reference to the example.
Not speaking for Joe I wouldn't appreciate their prohibiting my assessing the risk as to where I build my house and in fact there is precious little chance I could repeat what we did and where we did it just 7 years ago.
However it is probably those very same dumbarse people in the consent process who signed off on all those dwellings on the freekin swamps in the East of the City that they are now declaring "Red Zone" including the many that survived the events and are livable and undamaged and if services ie sewerage and water are a problem then do what we do and have an evapouratin septic system and use the water off the roof.

Mark Hubbard said...

Joe Bennett is right, in that he owns his life, and the risks he takes in it - that's not up to a bureaucrat, even if the risks might be considered unacceptable if it were our own lives.

There are also other issues surrounding the Lyttleton rebuild that aren't getting the oxygen they need, for example how ChCh council is stopping businesses opening that could be opening.

I've blogged on the issues, including Bennett, here.

Psycho Milt said...

Wasn't suggesting you or Joe Bennett are among the dumbasses who've bleated to the media, just that such people exist and the risk-aversion practices of local and central govt are a direct consequence.

kevin said...

You ok there Joe? 5.8 is getting up... but I do agree with your stance.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

GD, you'd better give us an update.

Has his rock rolled?

gravedodger said...

So far no contact with Joe but media are trying, many had left the province already for the break, Mayor Bob P was in Taupo with family and is heading back.
We are very glad to be in Hawkes Bay for next three weeks.

Shit, shit, shit, this will be a major psychological hurdle for many of the fragile, swmbo and our surrogate grand children ie the little dogs are safe here with me but it is taking a toll.

Neighbour has txted with reassurance as regards home.

Mort said...

I wonder if the fatman co called Pollie of the year can put pressure on the rest of the South Island local body councils to drop development levies for resettling CHC'ans.

probably won't won't because his Super fund won't be able to reap increased dividends from the charge thru reaped by Fletchers

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

With comments like that, it's no wonder ACT is ******.

Anonymous said...

All's well tho' .... the council CEO has just had a $70,000 pay increase to $538,000 p/a.


Mort said...

ACT is fucked because National Party people recognised they had fucked their own party and needed to get the remnant of the 7% vote of ACT, so infiltrated it with their men, who utilised the media's innate jealousy of wealth accumulators and left wing bias to destroy the party. National succeeded in destroying the party, but they lost the votes, because those voters, voters with their feet and have essentially taken their wealth creation with them to Australia, Singapore, HK etc.

What is better Adolf, having those people who are psychologically at breaking point from the continued EQs to leave the country or remain and rebuild their lives in a different locale?
Did the EQ recovery legislation not empower the minister to compel local authorities to do what ever was needed to help the recovery?
Could it not be argued that that recovery may involve the psychological health of the people of CHC?
If so, then why not use those powers to make it easier for the people who want out of CHC to do so, while still allowing them to remain as NZ residents?
Nelson has seen its population grow 2% since the EQs started. There are currently 500 sections in the Nelson Tasman region that are ready to be built on, but the local authorities despite having already received development levies for these section still charge top up levies when a building is built on it. Popo Brownlee could simply decree under the powers already invested in his office, that these top up fees are to be set aside for a 2 year period. Yes the councils would jump up and down, but that is because they are short sighted like the rest of socialist trough suckers, forgetting that the real business of council is servicing properties with water, roading and waste treatment, and the number one way of improving profitability is repeat business. So it follows that reducing obstacles to repeat business would be beneficial for an entity.

Mort said...

voted with their feet*

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Mort, you wanna write a book. go get your own blog. Comments should be brief.


ACT is fucked actually because it was full of members and MPs who had not a clue about corporate loyalty - playing as a team. They thought party unity was mixing drinks.

Perhaps you are one of them?

Your drivel about the National Party is laughable. Are you sure it wasn't Mossad?

Mark Hubbard said...

Joe's back in the Press today, so he made it through the latest aftershock swarm :) Mind you, as he writes, he's checked out the rocks above him, secured any likely problem rocks, thus, as is his argument, his house is safe.

Anonymous said...

Go Joe
Never thought that our "we're for you" Council would get so ridiculous.
Great to continue reading your humour. I will be there to stand at your gates in the vale if the chips ever come down.