Saturday, December 31, 2011

Its only my opinion.

New Zealander OTY Richard McCaw.
Politician OTY John Key
Political Clutz Don Brash, Just check in to the rest home.
Politician to watch Amy Adams
Most improved politician Russel Norman
Most effective politician Lockwood Smith
Minister OTY Tony Ryall
Minister to be put down Nick Smith
Political lazarus You know who, Mr Trotman
Political disaster (in no particular order)Darien Fenton, Carmel Sepeloni,Trevor Mallard
Only effective Labour MP politically, Damien O'Connor

Sports woman OTY Valerie Adams
Sports man OTY Dougie Bracewell
Sportsman to watch (exiting) Jako Gill
Coach OTY John Wright

Journalist OTY (all media) Mike Hosking
Dead tree op ed Fran O'sullivan
Worst Political journo (content) Barrie Soper
Worst Political journo (Ethics) Patrick Gower
Duncan Garner (close second)

Best Blog (content/discovery) Cameron Slater
Best blog (Quality/ focus) Lindsay Mitchell
Best Blog (quantity/feedback) David Farrer
Best Blog (rural/enjoyable/variety) Ele Luddemann
Worst blog (all categories included) The Standard and all of their "team"

Remember it is only MY opinion.
Happy and prosperous New Year to all.


homepaddock said...

Thank you.

Could I add No Minister to the list of best blogs for quality and variety?

Lindsay Mitchell said...

Thank you!

WAKE UP said...

It's time you started reading some other blogs, Dodger (apart from Mitchell, you can't be serious that those are the best).

Gravedodger said...

@ Wake Up I regularly read around another 30 blogs but they didnt make my list Dim Post, Keeping Stock, Bowalley Road, Red Alert, Roar Prawn, Crusader Rabbit, Oswald Bastable, No Right Turn, Frog Blog, Robert Guyton, Riveting Kate Taylor plus those among the MSM and others.
Exactly what bit about it being "my Opinion" went under your diving grasp.