Saturday, December 10, 2011

Is our election counting safe?

A very quick post on the special votes.

This story might have been nothing; just a bit of speculation as Robert Peden said on One News tonight. But it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out there was a leak in the counting of the special votes in Waitakere.

Then there is North Shore. I paid particular attention to North Shore, partly because I had money via iPredict where I short sold Maggie Barry's majority being more than Wayne Mapp's was in 2008. There were many reasons, I thought, why Barry would not beat Mapp's majority.

On election night I was in the money. But check out the chart for the stock from about 5 December (below).

iPredict encourages insider trading but the critical thing here is that all trading on election results was suspended on polling day; I guess to stop this very thing. No such prohibiton applied to the special voting period.

It probably should have.

5 December spike in North Shore majority stock on iPredict.

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Rachel said...

I'm pretty sure trading on election day was not allowed because they didn't want to risk being in breach of electoral law, given the broad interpretations of what is illegal on election day. If this wasn't a risk I a pretty sure iPredict would be happy to have insider trading of vote counters on election day.