Wednesday, December 21, 2011

In The Tank

The Herald has rated the' opening speech from the throne' a non event with not a mention, preferring instead, pictures of Winston Peters. Such is this paper's disdain for balance and obsession with trivia. However at the drop of a hat, it will print anything the Labour Party sends it - witness Phil Twyford's lame effort here.

Not so Fairfax, which had a summary of the speech up within minutes of delivery.Link
I'll be very interested to see the next lot of circulation figures, the real ones that is, papers sold - not some botched up bullshit called 'readership.'


Anonymous said...

Build a bridge,get over it then after that kiss a picture of saint johnboy key(this will give you knowledge how to rip off investers on the money market)
and john key probably did

onelaw4all said...

Wow!, you got an actual response from a Herald employee?.

Actually, upon reflection the poster seems to display a far higher level of spelling, punctuation and analysis than the typical Herald staffer...