Thursday, December 15, 2011

His New Product

At first I wondered if this was satire.

A Manifesto for Sustainable Capitalism

Gore and Blood? Really? You must be kidding!!!

The world's greatest charlatan recognises his global warming gravy train is permanently derailed and launches into a whole new realm of money making possibilities with the wonderfully touchy feely moniker "Sustainable Capitalism."

Not too long ago, Adolf got himself chucked out of a company meeting. After listening to a cliche saturated mid level executive for half an hour waxing lyrical about all the changes he was making, including 'building a sustainable business' Adolf held up his hand and asked if the exec would mind defining the unique features of a sustainable business which might distinguish it from a profitable business. He didn't have an answer.

As far as the messy pair Gore and Blood are concerned, capitalism has survived pretty well intact in spite of the depredations of his ilk during the past fifty years and no doubt it will survive and prosper, just so long as it takes heed of not one word written or spoken by these two clowns.


Anonymous said...

Here's my manifesto for sustainable capitalism:

Let idiots that fuck up, go bust.

gravedodger said...

what a truckload of sentimental warm fuzzy claptrap.
The only statement in that load of Blood and Gore that had any real merit was the quote from General Omar Bradley.

It is but the next step for the opinionated one to continue to fly round the planet stuffing dollars into his pockets while leaving a carbon footprint that most, no nearly all the rest of humanity can only dream about.

James nails it for business and until the reality of their situation is brought to bear on the consumers of welfare we continue to slide into the abyss.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Yes GD. You could read the whole thing and find not an ounce of meat, in spite of all the blood and gore.

WAKE UP said...

Poor old Al, still a big fat LOSER desperate for an issue.