Tuesday, December 20, 2011

F Troop

Most American TV comedies are crap. Anything made during the last twenty years certainly qualifies. But go back a few years and there were some beauties, combining slapstick with subtle satire and irony. Shows like Hogan's Heroes and F Troop.

Channel Nine is rerunning episodes of F Troop currently and Adolf watched one such episode this afternoon. He was inexorably drawn to conclude there is a strong resemblance in this show to the new Labour front bench.

Captain Parmenter - the bumbling naive leader.

Seargent O'Rourke - the scheming second in command.

Corporal Agarn - the loyal dumbarse.

Major Duncan - Parmenter's nemesis who technically outranks Parmenter and always arrives with a 'saddleful of trouble.'

Rangler Jane - the bimbo with long eyelashes but nothing between the ears.

Wild Eagle - the big noise indigenous blowhard of the Whakaewe tribe.

Crazy Cat - Wild eagle's offsider who appears to have done everything except watch porn movies.


The Veteran said...

Can't beat MASH.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Damn right!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

How about "Car 54 Where Are You?" and not to forget "The Munsters."