Sunday, December 18, 2011


I get a lot of enjoyment watching cricket.    But I do cringe a little at the sight of that 40s 'gentleman' who follows the Black Caps around the world and positions himself behind the bowler to be picked by the TV cameras waving his polyglot NZL flag and with a larger than life 'kiwi' strapped around his middle.  

He certainly must be worth a quid of two so as to be able to indulge himself this way.   There has to be a story there.   Does anyone know it?


James Rawiri Meager said...

That's be Sonny Shaw you're talking about:

pdm said...

GD - you need to be 18 to visi his site unless it has changed in the last couple of years.

A strange dude is Sonny Shaw.

pdm said...

Ooops sorry GD I have just realised that it is Vet's post. I hope he is 18 - lol.

The Veteran said...

Thanks for that ... he certainly is an 'interesting' person or perhaps as the Police might say 'a person of interest'.

Liked the comment on a link after I googled his name about the guy who stood behind him holding up a sign imploring the TV cameras NOT to pan in his direction ... and the way the crowd cheered.

Anonymous said...

This weird fella used to follow the netballers around too.

He must be a trust fund lifestyler.