Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Costly Refusal

India is well on its way to a crushing defeat at the MCG.

Their top order collapsed in their second innings and currently they are 126 for 7 with another 150 odd needed for a win.

Adolf wondered why there was no use of the (DRS) referral system for doubtful umpiring decisions. I had not known until now but it turns out both sides must agree to the use of this technology and India has steadfastly refused to agree. Had they not refused, they would have had Ponting and Hussey out early in their second innings (Hussey twice) and Australia may well have struggled to make 200.


Anonymous said...

I wonder what the Indian bookies think?

Tinman said...

As the DRS system involves guessing and has been demonstrated to be corrupt in Oz India were correct in refusing to be subjected to it.

More to the point this test shows up the ICCs umpire appointments based on where an umpire is from rather than whether he is competent.

Every very bad decision in this test has been made by one umpire, Erasmus, who should never be allowed to officiate at this level again.

Forget the obviously corrupt DRS, train umpires!