Saturday, December 24, 2011

Continued Affirmation From The Voters

Here's some useful commentary on the current state of US federal politics, Linkwritten by one of America's most widely respected and experienced commentators, Michael Barone.

The thrust of his argument is that 'one swallow doesn't make a summer,' or in other words, you can't make major enduring changes after winning just one election.

But constitutional conservatives need to keep in mind that the Constitution places limits on them as well as others. The conservative House Republicans who rejected (or forced Speaker John Boehner to reject) the Senate’s patchwork compromise on the payroll tax extension bill had good policy reasons to do so, but that turned out to be terrible politics. These conservatives have been frustrated that despite their historic victory in the November 2010 elections, they have not been able to achieve many of their policy goals.

They have this in common with those commentators and members of the public bemoaning political gridlock: they ignore the fact that conservative policy shortfalls and political gridlock are a result of the Constitution. The Constitution does not allow you to control government by winning just one election......

In those circumstances it is foolish to engage in maneuvers, like the rejection of the Senate payroll tax cut compromise, which while justifiable in policy terms make no sense politically. Avoiding such fiascos is not a betrayal of constitutional principle. It is acting in the spirit of the Constitution, which requires continued affirmation from the voters before major policy changes can be made.

The very same scenario applies in New Zealand and John Key understands this. Rather than the US constitution with its staggered election for two houses and a president, New Zealand has an essentially left leaning population which has been conditioned by fifty years of rampant welfarism. Any right of centre government which won an election (2008) and embarked upon a slash and burn programme would be in opposition today, watching ALL its reforms being reversed.

Clearly, many of the long winded knuckle draggers from the uber- right do not understand this and never will.

Merry Christmas to you all.


gravedodger said...

All the best to you and yours.

Well said on that post, how many of the stupids on the right have so quickly f0rgotten how the brave Ruth Richardson with what many saw as the best response to another crisis created by the "spend other peoples money" policies of the left was even abandoned by her leader Spud Bolger along with a sizable number of Nats as being too harsh and radical.

John Key has moved with considerable acumen to slow and turn the behemouth that he inherited and so far has carried enough of the people with him politically but as you correctly point out we in NZ have a rump of voters who unquestioningly consider a government can legislate for wealth, can multiply wealth by dividing it and redistributing it, can remove the investment wealth from those who create it and give it to the consumers of welfare without threatening the wealth creating base, sheesh.

KG said...

"Slash and burn"? How about "trim and singe a little bit"?
Key can't even manage that.
And you never, ever address the fact that Key has ignored the results of the smacking referendum, climbed into bed with the Racist Party and negotiated in secret to give away vast swathes of coastline to them.
Much easier to address the genuine right as "knuckle draggers" isn't it, Adolf? Especially when you're doing it from Gawler, South Australia. Why don't you return to your "beloved Nats" semi-socialist paradise, hmm?

As for Gravedodger's "rump" of voters..that rump is now the bulk of Kiwi voters, which is to say no rump at all, but a majority of brainwashed socialists.

Redbaiter said...

What KG said- If Key was any kind of politician he would be telling the "people" what he wants to do and doing it. After all, he is in the National Party, not the fucking Labour party, and there are meant to be significant differences between the two.

Let's face it- Key can't say what needs to be said because it isn't in his head. All he's got in his head are left wing arguments.

As for the argument that if he did do what was necessary then Labour would be in government, well so be it.

If it takes a totally wrecked economy to awaken the bludgers who vote left that there is no free money, then the sooner the better.

If Key can't produce the rhetoric to explain what is necessary, and sell it to the electorate, then he is fucking useless and might as well not be there.

If he was as you claim a right winger slowly turning the ship around he would not have done half the things he has done. KG highlights only some of these things.

Key is not turning the ship he's pandering to socialism and socialists because he does not have the political talent to do anything else.

Grant Michael McKenna said...

Indeed: too rapid a legislative change will cause social change so rapid as to move many to the Labour camp.
Maybe John Key is the Fabian of the right...

Blair said...

Adolf, name any government reform in New Zealand reversed by the next administration. You wouldn't run out of fingers on your right hand counting them.

In fact I can only think of two. The Shipley Government's ACC reforms, and the Kirk Government's Super scheme. That's it. There has been minor tinkering elsewhere, but administrations don't tend to mess with what has gone before.

Key is wasting his political capital and New Zealand will continue to descend to basketcase status if he does not ramp up the pace of reform in this term.

Redbaiter said...

His lack of support for Ann Tolley's education reforms was disgraceful.

Now he's moved her off and replaced her with the extreme left wing oh so PC Hekia Parata.

This is "turning the ship around?"

He doesn't want to turn the ship, he just wants to tinker with the engine room settings.

He's a socialist from a state house and he should be in the Labour Party.

Judge Holden said...

My god, he's from a STATE HOUSE! How did he get elected? My oh my he's a commie! Why won't the lame stream media report this? Oh wait.

Nick K said...

Any right of centre government which won an election (2008) and embarked upon a slash and burn programme would be in opposition today, watching ALL its reforms being reversed.

How many of Labour's reforms has National undone?

Wff? Interest free student loans? Sold Kiwirail? I'm hoping you get my point.

Because my point is that your statement is a fallacy. Labour would undo maybe one or so, but that would be it because they would focus on their own agenda.

Lofty said...

I am torn on the speed of reforms, part of me says strike hard and fast, do the deed and let the dust settle.

I also understand softly softly catchee monkey.

There is no doubt in my mind tough, that the Nats need to act with pace this term.