Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Candidate of Character

Adolf has yet to see the Iron Lady movie but he will do so when the film shows up at the local theatre.

There have been a number of reviews - one from Lindsay Mitchell and this excellent and detailed review from one Rick Richman of Pajamas Media. It would seem Meryl Streep may be in line for an Oscar.

Mr Richman quotes from and shows videos of a number of Lady Thatcher's speeches. Of particular interest and relevance for New Zealand today was a speech given in 1977 when Britain was at it's economic nadir - almost broken apart by recalcitrant and greedy trade unions.

I think John Key must have read and studied this almost Churchillian speech. The speech was full of optimism and contains an illumination of her political success on the one hand and the irrelevance of the knuckle draggers from the uber-right who, ironically, tirelessly quote Thatcher as their Goddess of slash and burn. Clearly none of them ever read this most revealing speech. Had they done so, they might have learned that Lady Thatcher, like John Key, understood the value of 'taking the people with her.' Not for her the clumsy thuggery of Helen Clark with her axing of appeals to the Privy Council and her notorious Electoral Finance Bill. Not for her the politically suicidal crash and dash of Ruth Richardson.

Here's the extract, my italics:-

In spite of our present difficulties, Britain’s future need not be at all gloomy. For the very ills which beset us seem to be creating their own antidotes. People of all backgrounds are casting off socialist illusions in the light of socialist reality, and are coming round to our viewpoint. This is the end of the trend to the Left, and the starting point of a new renaissance.

Lady Thatcher went on to break the trade unions. She got away with it because most of the populace had by then had a gutsful of these institutionalized gangsters, many of whom emigrated to NZ and Australia where they continue to inflict their cankerous and destructive practices upon the productive sectors of the economy - witness Qantas and Ports of Auckland. When she slashed and burned, she made sure she had more than half the people on side before she struck the match. (Apart from the pole tax, that is.) As a result, she enjoyed eleven years at the helm, being re-elected for three consecutive terms.

Of passing interest are the observations of both Lindsay Mitchell and Rick Richman to the effect there seemed to be a rather unsubtle and almost obsessive attempt on the part of the film makers to denigrate Lady Thatcher by depicting her in her dotage. Much the same could have been done to Churchill but in those days even Hollywood leftists had some standards of decency.

I'm looking forward eagerly to seeing The Iron Lady.


Mort said...

At the time of the coup to remove her from the helm, she makes a statement that no one thinks any more, and that politicians are worried about how people feel, with the insightful point that feelings are transitory, but thoughts should be constant. That is where the current mob of pollies are weak. None of them can do anything that involves the hard choices. They are all too worried about losing their place at the trough.
Key only needs to relent on his weakness with the mining and drilling industries, and he would have done more good than any politician in the last 15 years.

simo said...

Fine performance by Meryl Streep,I was in London for three years from 1980 amongst the bombing and the riots. I had three jobs at the time, anyone who wanted a job could get one easily, they were some great years I might add.

Redbaiter said...

"I think John Key must have read and studied this almost Churchillian speech."

..and then thrown it in the dustbin.

FFS, that slimy little commie surrender monkey an't fit to shine Margaret Thatcher's shoes.

When for example has he ever said one damn thing about socialism??

As Thatcher does in this video?

I'll tell you- NEVER.

Key has no problem with socialism, he merely seeks to do it better than Labour.

Politically, Key is closer to Julia Gillard than he is to Thatcher.

Anonymous said...

Saw the movie 2 days ago, the only redeeming feature is Meryl Streep's acting, the rest is honestly crap. Dont waste your money. Such an opportunity to explore an interesting character but in the end it was forced sentimental crap.
Dont think M would have approved.

Go see Tintin instead- seriously, thats a work of art.

Anonymous said...

Red, you're wrong. Key once said Working for Families was communism by stealth, and when put in charge has done nothing about it.

Redbaiter said...

Yeah, thanks for the correction.

And of course he's done nothing. It was just one more thing he said to get elected and then turned his back on once he was.

As PM, he's surrounded himself with a bunch of yellow mainstream media commies, and now won't do or say anything they don't approve of.

Blair said...

Adolf, I don't think even you are stupid enough to actually believe what you have written here.

Are you seriously comparing Thatcher to John Key?! Seriously?!

Tell me how John Key has done anything other than tweak the policies of the previous administration a little. Thatcher engaged in real reform and completely altered the fabric of British society.

I've seen glaciers that move faster than John Key. In this particular case, the glacier has even receded in places.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Blair, I don't just think you are stupid. I know you are.

You really should learn to read before you grow up.

Redbaiter said...

Key and his acolytes have taken the National Party far from its Conservative roots.

They've taken it so far, that a new Conservative Party has sprung up to fill the void in NZ's political spectrum.

And after most of the writers on this site have smeared and attacked and maligned the Conservative Party, they now seek an alliance with the ideas and polices of Margaret Thatcher?

What unbelievable nerve.

The National Party has divorced itself from Conservatism.

As a "Senior National Party spokesman" said recently--

“…Conservatives are viewed as not in touch with middle New Zealand and not in line with John Key’s broader image.”

Sorry to somewhat monopolize discussion on this issue, but after Key and the Nationals turning their back so firmly on Conservatives I find this attempt to align him with Thatcher absolutely outrageous.

You liberals and progressives controlling National decry and have contempt for Conservatism- and you should at least have the guts to stand by what you have done and said in the past rather than now be sucking up to Thatcher. Is that two faced or what?

Anonymous said...

The comment by Blair is totally accurate. Good on ya Whiggie.

Dex said...

Yes they should stand up and be true to what they say, much like old Redbaiter was when he swore he was gone for good from this blog....

Blair said...

Adolf, you might impress a lot more people if you could actually argue a point instead of just making personal attacks. But by all means keep doing so - it speaks volumes as to your character and mental agility.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Blair, my purpose in life is not to impress people.

I suggest you go back and read the post again. Then, if you wish to seriously engage, it would be wise to not call your generous blog host 'stupid.'

Such is the action of the profoundly stupid.

PS, your views expressed thus far of Thatcher v Key are facile and shallow, to say the least. Of course they'll be very popular with all the other knuckle draggers.

Happy New Year

Redbaiter said...

When is the big CONSERVATIVE Johnny Key announcing the Poll Tax Adolf?

James Stephenson said...

I don't see a worthy comparison at all, Adolf. Maggie had a vision of where the country needed to go and she brought people on side.

Key's administration has shown a remarkable inability to sell policy to the great unwashed, most noticably over the mining conservation estate issue, where they didn't even try and got railroaded by a couple of b-grade actresses. Doesn't auger well for Charter Schools, which will be quiety dropped and blamed on ACT if they prove a bit unpopular.

To use Lady T's own terminology - he's "wet".

dad4justice said...

Haha joke of the century! Everybody knows John Key is a gutless socialist wimp. Fact is National are pathetic as the Klarkula regime of misfits!