Saturday, December 24, 2011

But was it the Christmas spirit?

Jeanette Brandon of William St Invercargil still owns her house at least until after Xmas.

The Mortgagee auction failed to reach the reserve price of $75k with only one bid of $40k.

Ms Brandon is rightly relieved that she can have Xmas in her home of 20 years.

Sadly when the new year rolls around none of her troubles are gone, only postponed.

As an outcome it is nice for her for now but why doesn't someone in that outstanding daily paper of Freds do a bit of digging.

1 Why did she need to borrow the original $20k in 3 installments? Sounds a bit like borrowing for the groceries to me.
2 Why was she not at a bog standard bank rather than the 3rd tier lender?
3 Why did she ignore the numerous mailed demands?
4 Is she thick, sick or hick?
5 Is there any WINZ component here for her or her Daughter, the co borrower?
6 Is there any criminal connection to all this?
7 How was the alleged $50k settlement found that was declined. Having to borrow the initial $22k in 3 installments suddenly over twice that was supposedly available?

Why am I asking? quite simply if this is all as simple as so far portrayed then there are so many lessons for the many who seek 3rd tier borrowing and for the people who spend every day trying to sort out the shambles that emerge from the whole sordid mess created by ignorance, desperation and apparent hopelessnes and delivered all to easily.

Happy Xmas Ms Brandon but rest assured New Year seems doomed to not be prosperous for you on the evidence so far.

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Adolf Fiinkensein said...


Drugs, gangs? really?

Surely not.