Monday, December 19, 2011

Brainless One Liner

From Labour leader David Shearer.

Labour was planning on offering a different way of doing things, Shearer said.

The Government had the same vision as was used in the 1960s - selling protein off-shore.

Oh dear. That will give confidence to the primary industries and exporters.

Perhaps he thinks we should sell it all in New Zealand and keep the profits here? Perhaps he has not yet learned that protein is but a minute portion of milk solids? Perhaps he's just trying to be smart and not succeeding?

Someone needs to take him by the ear and firmly rub his nose in a few home truths about the difference between exporting butter, lamb carcases and sides of beef to Great Britain (1960s) and the vast myriad of value added products manufactured in New Zealand and exported by Fonterra; the remarkable development of luxury specialist cuts of beef, lamb and venison, sold all over the globe (2011.)

If this is the best he can do, he won't last very long at all.

PS With Ma Hooter in charge of Education the teachers' unions can look forward to being crushed by 2014. And with Cosgrove as chief parliamentary attack dog, the Gnats can look forward to nothing more injurious than the odd tickle now and again. He couldn't land a hit on a tied down punchbag.


Anonymous said...

Possibly by protein he may have been meaning meat protein as well as diary protein Adolf - however why he feels to dump on Ag industries that rake in much needed export dollars year after year is beyond me.
Like a lot of urban based intellectuals he has this fantasy that $$$ grow on a mythical technological tree (ie his comments clean green and clever) and by spouting empty slogans the $$$ will magicly flow into NZ.

Technology and scientific breakthroughs definitely have their place but a lot of old fashioned hard slog and sweat by farmers of all persuasion drives a lot of our export $$$

Mr Shearer would do well to practice a little of what his surname suggests he is good at otherwise he may find himself being Shorn of his leadership position


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Jimmie, I thought after writing this post that his comment was that of someone who has been out of NZ so long he no longer understands NZ or comprehends how the country functions.

In fact, for that reason, his flippant one liner was very revealing and very damaging.

Pity, really.


I am currently visiting Tauranga.
The farm-fuelled wealth is there for all to see, as it is in Hamilton.
A local trader says this IS filtering down to the average Kiwi, who all have money to spend.
But it is the tourists that do not.

homepaddock said...

Where has this man been if he doesn't understand just how far agriculture, and what we trade, has come since the 60s?

MikeG said...

Agricultural exports will always be very important to the NZ economy, but if we are to grow the economy we need to find additional things to export. We can't keep converting farmland to dairy - for one we haven't got the water resources. We must broaden our focus - and that doesn't mean neglect farming.