Saturday, December 17, 2011

Analysing Shearer

Boss Paul Vitti: Doc, if you gotta talk, try to be vague. Can you do that?
Doc Sobel: I'm a psychiatrist. Believe me, I can be vague.
(Analyse This (1999) starring Robert De Niro, Billy Crystal).

I can't really figure David Shearer out yet.  I have a fair idea he is to the right economically.  He was indecisive and muddling on his TV appearances on these issues during the leadership campaign.  I suspect that's because his inclination is to wear his right wing economics on his sleeve, yet he ummed and arred his way through them.  An example is private prisons:

I further suspect Shearer knows that to win in 2014 he needs to grab votes from the centre and so must become more centrist on economics.  Shedding some votes to the Greens on the Left won't bother him, if he can take more votes off Key in the middle.  That's one reason why I think the Labour caucus chose him - a left-leaning Cunliffe on economics just won't attract money or votes.
Derek Cheng in today's Herald reveals more slightly confusing stuff - socially liberal where it will be popular, but socially conservative where it won't.

Gay adoption.  Tick.  Gay marriage.  Tick.  Decriminalising Cannabis.  Cross.  Lower drinking age.  Cross.  Anti Springbok tour protestor.  Check.  Republican.  Check.  Independent foreign policy (i.e. anti America).  Check. 

I wish Derek had asked him about flat taxes, less government, school choice , cap on government spending, privatising new roads, privatising new hospitals, privatising state assets, privatising ACC etc.

Here's hoping that will be next week.


Judge Holden said...

You find that confusing? That says more about you than him chief. It's crystal clear.

Your other wish list is the retarded wet dream of around 1% of voters. Not something any sane leader would run with.

Paulus said...

I doubt Shearer has any financial experience, only how to spend other people's money.