Monday, November 28, 2011

Would make it very different.

Some suggest to bring a degree of exposure to public opinion for party lists, ranking on electorate outcome could be used.

Now the Great Helmsman chose not to stand in an electorate and it would have been interesting if he had.
That accepted I will leave him at the top but here is the list as actual voters ranked them as opposed to the Party machine construction, in parenthesis.
1 WRP No electorate (1?)
2 Brendan Horan (6)
3 Raymond Dalman (17)
4 Fletcher Tabiteau (11)
5 Kevin Stone (24)
6 Brent Catchpole (13)
7 Barbara Stewart (5)
8 Edwin Perry (21)
9 Pita Paraone (12)
10 Tracy Martin (2)
11 Helen Mulford (9)
12 Doug Nabbs (25)
13 Bill gudgeon (16)
14 Bill Woods (31)
15 Tamati Reid (29)
16 Ian Brougham (30)
17 David Scott (18)
18 John Hall (23)
19 Randal Ratima (19)
20 Arsenati Taylor (8)
21 Andrew Williams (3)
22 Gordon Stewart (28)
23 Dion Jelly (22)
24 Dennis O'Rorke (7)
25 Kevin Gardener (not ranked)
26 Jerry Ho (15)
27 Taliaoa Ilalio (27)
28 Richard Prosser (4)
29 Brent Pierson (26)
30 Bindra Mahesh (20)
31 Allen Davies (30)
32 Hugh Barr (10)
33 Ben Craven (14)

Simplistic and based on Polling night first count but some interesting facts on the value indicated by the intimacy of the electorate's judgment.

I accept that once on the list there was no incentive to campaign for electorate support as it was only the Party vote that mattered and I have no knowledge of the life outside the campaign of the candidates.

Some who stand out Barr at 32 and 10, Prosser 29 and 4, Williams 21 and 3 and O'Rorke at 24 and 7. Barr is just outside the redline and the others are very safe

Dennis O'Rorke has had significant exposure to the Port Hills electorate voters as a City Councilor who have rejected him on more than one occasion and I guess others may have knowledge of the track records of others.


Anonymous said...

WRP is honest after all. He rated where he rates himself.

pdm said...

GD the NZ First list is completely irrelevant. It is all about Winston First and the rest don't matter.

gravedodger said...

Agree pdm it was just an exercise in the "it will never happen" but highlights an almost 50% rejection of the parties vision by the voters, an obvious weakness of the list system.
Williams and O'Rorke would be embarrassed if their egos allowed it.
I am unaware of any prior form for Prosser.

WAKE UP said...

"I am unaware of any prior form for Prosser."

So you never read his monthly columns in "Investigate" magazine then. Is your "research" of any of the others any better? If not, who cares what your list says.

gravedodger said...

@ wake up with 538 electorate votes for Prosser in Waimakariri I don't seem to exactly be in the minority so whats your point.