Thursday, November 24, 2011

Too Much Water In The Whitewash

Do you remember that learned panel of Pommy Lords, Earls and Chancellors who two years ago exonerated the pricks from East Anglia University from all wrong doing?

Looks like it's time to put THEM up against the wall and shoot them.

Two years after Climategate hit the deck the sequel emerges and it is ten times worse. Totally and utterly incriminating.

There actually is not a scientific basis for this so-called AGW theory. The whole thing is a hoax.

Here's what a bunch of modern day big time crooks looks like.

Never in the history of Mankind, have so many been conned by so many to enrich so few.


gravedodger said...

I wouldn't buy a near new Mountain bike off any of them, even if only traveled to University on Mondays.
Just look at their freekin eyes and facial hair.

Dave Lucas said...

So what have our resident mendacious scurrilous mongrels, otherwise known as the MSM, got to say about his? Nothing so far. Don't want the hoi poloi getting the wrong idea, wot, eh, chaps!

I have come to the conclusion that the MSM is superfluous to requirements and that they should all bugger off and get a real job like cleaning dunnies. We can get our news off the blogs. At least we know the biases of most of them and can adjust our interpretation of events to suit.

Mort said...

Mr's Key and Smith, can we have our money back, the goods you forced upon us broken, and their forceful supply reason more so.

Now that the chief AGW proponents are found to be emperors with no clothing, you cannot go on with the charade
Repeal the deceit that is the ETS as your first action on sitting in the new Parliament post election. If you had any credibility at all you would call parliament to sit in December to do this action.
We await your actions, in Early December to see whether you really care about getting NZ back into top 20 OECD nations by what your actions are on this front alone.

Shane Ponting said...

Let's see, who in parliament currently is against the AGW BS.


Only ACT.

Anonymous said...

This is more significant than old emails from corrupt scientists. Thick Smith will struggle to hide from this!

Anonymous said...

Well this article from a coal industry shill at the Heartland Institute clearly negates the laws of physics! Remarkable!

Psycho Milt said...

Well, apparently the laws of physics are biased leftists, or something. We can trust the coal industry, it has our best interests at heart.

Anonymous said...

And now following Europe the price of Carbon Indulgences collapses here..

Are the carbon markets the Canary In the Coal Mine" for the wider market collapse??