Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Storm in a Teacup

Talk about clutching at straws.
Labour are now pinning their election hopes on an illegal recording of a private conversation.
The legal and moral implications of this action far outweigh any speculation of the conversation.
Mind you legal and moral implications have never worried Labour in the past.

It matters not in the long term as Labour are heading for extinction as a political force.
Their much vaunted policies are quickly running out of steam. Attacking National is their only option and I reckon normal people rank the privacy issues above pathetic political games.

I suppose you can't blame the current Labour incumbents as the party really got cleaned out by years of Clark's ego and manipulation.

They haven't figured out politics for this century.

Mind you, you could say that about most of the parties.

Scarily the Greens may have figured it out the best.
Having the "green" vote tied up they have cleverly upped the stakes by stealing the word "poverty". Of course at the end of the day they are still the same fruitloops but just with a shinier wrapping. People will buy into this crap but the Greens are still idiots that think defacing 700 billboards is a great idea and an even better idea to deny all knowledge..

The world needs to change but we really need it to be based on sound policies based on personal responsibility not idiots telling you what you can and can't do.

This is actually the true challenge for the right.


stephen said...

Yeah right Labour are pinning their hopes on it, that'll be why Goff described it as "descending into a farce" on Radio New Zealand this morning and said it was time the focus shifted back on to policy.

The Funny thing about saying Labour is heading for extinction is that that's exactly what people were saying about National in 2002 when they got 21% in the election...

Anonymous said...

The tragedy in all this is that Key's shiftiness is playing right into the hands of Winston. Politically it's insane. I'm beginning to think a terrible mistake has been made. The PM is an empty suit who can't hack it under pressure.

Paulus said...

The new party will be called Democratic Green Labour at the 2014election. Russel Norman has already stated that he wants the Finance roll.

Anonymous said...

Yes Paulus - The Muppets and the Rainbow Connection.