Monday, November 28, 2011


The story so far. An unpopular Prime Minister of an unpopular Government relying on the support of a rag tag bunch of so called Independents with a one vote majority in the House of Representatives. The Prime Minister is being quietly (and not so quietly) white-anted by her predecessor and Foreign Minister who wants his job back. One of those independents (lets call him Andrew) is about to pull the plug because the Government is stalling on a key piece of legislation he has staked his reputation on. The Government majority is about to disappear.

In last weeks episode you saw the Labour Party Speaker of the House, a generally inoffensive no-body (lets call him Harry) visited by a couple of ALP enforcers (lets call them Trevor and Clayton) who threatened to break his arms and legs and other bits unless he resigned ... so he did, citing the fact that he was fed up with the Ministerial Salary; his lavish Apartment in Parliament; his generous entertainment allowance and all the free VIP travel around the world - all he wanted to do was to get back to being a humble back-bench MP ... and Labour gets one more vote.

Enter a maverick Opposition MP (lets call him Peter). Peter has had a less than stellar parliamentary career having been caught out rorting his travel expenses and, on one occasion, sleeping through the speech of a visiting Head of State. Peter enjoys the high life which is perhaps a little surprising (or perhaps not) given that he was a former Priest. Problem for Peter is that his past is catching up with him and he is facing de-selection by his Party in his seat (lets call it Fisher) by an ex able Minister (lets call him Mal).

The PM knows Peter is in the deep donkey do so goes to him and asks him how would he like to be Mr Speaker and Peter, after thinking about it long and hard for a whole nano second, said "Yes Sir and where are a keys to the liquor cabinet please". The PM said the jobs yours subject to you resigning from your Party and becoming an Independent and, as Speaker, declining to cast a deliberative vote. Peter sez "I never liked those bastards anyway, can I have the keys please" ... and the Opposition is suddenly down one vote.

Coming Up ....

What will Andrew do now the Government doesn't need his vote?

Is Trevor really going to enjoy life on the back-benches?

What will Andrew's mate Nick, a Senator, think about all of this?

Will the Opposition somehow arrange for Peter to be run over by a bus?

What now happens in 'Fisher'. Will Mal take the seat?

And just what does the Foreign Minister, who wants a clean out of the Party back-room power brokers (and the Prime Minister) think about all of this?

Stay tuned.

Folks. Not a Soap Opera. It all happened last week in Canberra in case you hadn't noticed.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

This move is Gillard taking out insurance against the impending loss of the ex union boss Labor MP Thompson who used union credit cards to fund tens of thousands of dollars worth of brothel visits.

A police investigation proceeds and it is my guess Labor has been tipped off that he will be prosecuted and convicted. A by-election in his seat will result in a Liberal win which, without the slippery Sleeper removed from the Libs camp, would have removed Gillard's majority.

Such is robust politics in Australia.

The Veteran said...

Hi Adolf ... think you will find the Police investigation has been wrapped up with them declining to take a prosecution.

Apparently it is ok in Oz to use your Union supplied credit in 'knocking shops' ... but $10,000?
Hope he/she/it was worth it.

Mind you I suspect the Union worthy who blew the whistle on the whole sordid affair and who had a spade left outside her front door
is sleeping rough at nights.

Spade = digging = grave.