Thursday, November 17, 2011

Slam Dunc Garner

Jumped up opinionated journalists should know when they've met their match.

Colmar Brunton tonight kicked TV3's Pie Eater into touch. All his baiting of the PM has been for naught.
National remains as steady as a rock while Labour has plummeted to an all time low. Of course the best news of all is that the Liar and Thief is a looooooooooong way from five percent. All that remains is for them both to be prosecuted for dealing in an illegally recorded private conversation.

National: down 1 point to 53%
Labour: down another 2 points to 26%
Greens: up 4 points to 13%
New Zealand First: down 0.7 points to 2.2%,
Act: up 0.1 points to 1.6%
Maori Party: 1.6%
Conservative party: 1.4%
Mana: 1.3%
United Future: 0.3%

And to make a bad day worse for the Pie Eater, here's his own channel's poll.


Shane Ponting said...

Fantasy polling: National 48% Act 5%

Would be the best outcome IMO.

Nick said...

This is very bad news for National.

Anonymous said...

This is Garner's channel's poll.

A TV3 Reid Research poll, released tonight, showed support for National had dropped 3.1 points to 50.2 per cent - the lowest level since the party won the 2008 election


Great to see both polls, especially that of TV3, report growing support for ACT.

Judge Holden said...

Jesus Fairy. If you truly think that you really are thick and simply can't understand polling methodology. A terrible shame your blog's died btw. It was a great example of the dishonesty, viciousness and stupidity of the far right. A lost asset for the left.

Shane Ponting said...

Speaking of "viciousness and stupidity"..........